Overcoming Menopause Blues With Flower Remedies

Overcoming Menopause Blues With Flower Remedies

Losing the Lust for Life:

It comes from nowhere – crying all the time, no lust for life, hard to concentrate and focus, not happy, gaining weight, hot flashes, sadness or anxiousness and weight gain.  We look and do not recognize ourselves, who are we?

It seems to me, from:
1) going through menopause, and now post for a few years already, and
2) my clients that are struggling with challenges, be it hormonally, emotionally, relationships, physically some feel anxiety, depression,
there is definitely a change in who we are, our feelings and thoughts.


What I have learned is that as women, all the challenges, traumas and bad experiences from our earlier years catch up to us and all of a sudden we are struggling – mind, body and spirit.

Is there a Solution?

You may, as I did, try many things to get back to who we are, to feel excited about life, but to no avail.  Hot flashes are not difficult to get rid of, but all the other newfound issues that clouds our life does not go away.  And when we cannot find the solution, we get worse.  We don’t see ourselves as beautiful anymore – but we are.


There is a solution! You don’t have to struggle.  This is, just your next challenge, another “hump” to get through.  You are out of balance, mind, body and soul.   We have reached a milestone that is awesome!  It is not the end of life as we know it, its a new lease on life!  Now we get to watch what our children do, now we get to travel if we want, now we get to create a new career for ourselves if we want.  We can do anything, if we want!  Let me tell you how to get “you” back.

How Flower Remedies can help:

We have been given everything on this earth we need to survive, shelter, food, and healing.  Flower remedies are plant extracts from all over the world that work on our emotional health and wellness. They are incredibly powerful and profound in their healing.  I use them for many symptoms of autism, symptoms of menopause, severe sadness, intense anxiousness, feeling stuck and more. Any negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors we have, are letting us know we are in an imbalanced state and the correct flower remedies will move us back to a positive, confident, and joyful state of mind.  We even have remedies to help hot flashes!


You have nothing to lose, try for yourself, but contact a practitioner if you are really struggling to have a customized liquid blend created for you.  You can search for these remedies online.  You will notice a difference in the first month!

Effective Flower Remedies to beat Menopause Blues:

Hot flashes – Mulla Mulla (Australian Bush Flower Essence -ABFE)


To Feel Joyful – Gorse (Findhorn – F)

Enthusiasm – Little Flannel Flower (ABFE), Cabbage (F), Banksia Robar (ABFE)


Next Purpose In Life – Ancient Yew, Wild Oat (Bach)

Confidence – Five Corners (ABFE), Larch (Bach)


Relationship Renewal – Bush Gardenia (ABFE), Balsam (F) – use both for you and your partner

You Are Beautiful Inside and Out – Elder (F)


Weight Loss – These remedies will not melt fat, but will help you to get motivated, stay committed and change negative habits. – Wedding Bush, Bottlebrush, Bauhina (all ABFE)

Take control:

We have gained wisdom, insight, and the knowledge that we can truly do anything we want to do.  These remedies will help you.  But if you are struggling with anxiety, depression or anything holding you back and want more help – always call a Practitioner certified to use flower remedies to help you quickly get back to your path.  You still have a story to tell!