Father Realizes How Strong His Wife Is On Seeing Her Delivery

The world knows how much a female body endures while giving birth, be it the excruciating vaginal birth or the grueling surgery of a c-section.

Men may not really have much clue about the extent of discomfort a pregnant mom has to go through before, during and after birth. We are not being dramatic in the delivery room like you have seen on the TV—the pressure and pain are for real and the process is nearly inexplicable to someone who doesn’t have a uterus.


We bring to you the story of a man, for whom the day of his wife’s delivery was like a casual day until he lost his cool and dreaded losing his wife.

Ralph was in a chilling mood when he was driving his wife to the hospital on the day of delivery. He didn’t suspect any problem and thought it would be a smooth journey, coming back home with their newborn like all his friends who had babies.


They reached the hospital at 10 pm in the night. His wife was in a bit of discomfort, but there was nothing serious about it. However, later in the day, the contractions got stronger and with the look on his wife’s face, it was clearly evident that she was in agony.

Like a good husband, he was supportive towards his wife but knew that it was a normal thing for a mother to feel this way.


By 3 am, the pain got so worse that she asked for an epidural, which was administered with it soon after. Ralph went for a coffee and returned back to find out that her wife was at ease sans the pain.

After a good night’s sleep, the nurse came in at 7 am when he was sleeping in the chair beside his wife—she said it was the time to push. As the process started, he helped in holding his wife’s leg up as she couldn’t move due to the epidural. When the pushing was going on and on without much happening, he realized how much effort it required to push out the baby. He hadn’t seen people in the gym putting in so much hard work like how his wife was doing in the delivery room.


3 long hours passed away but they baby hadn’t come out. She was stuck in the u-bend in the birth canal—the doctors called for a c-section. Everything was ready until a doctor told that they could do it with the help of forceps. That came as a surprise to the husband, though everyone in the room approved of it.

He saw in amazement and shock that his wife’s legs were being held up in stirrups and came to think that wasn’t what they show on the TV. He saw the obstetrician, trying her best to pull the baby out with the forceps, while her arm’s muscles were taut. The pushing continued side-by-side.


When he saw the baby’s head approach, he was overjoyed as well as perplexed seeing the very process of birth with his own eyes. Ralph kept telling his wife with joy that she had done it! He mistakenly assumed it was a baby boy but was corrected by his wife—it was a little baby girl.

He was asked to cut the chord and while he was doing so he noticed what was really happening between the legs. There was a gush of blood that flowed out at an alarming rate. Suddenly, the happiness on his face was replaced by the expressions of shock. Ralph went near his daughter who was now lying on her mother’s chest. He told he felt ice cold in his body and was about to faint—the staff asked him to sit down.


He saw a rush of doctors coming in the room, quietly trying to save his bleeding wife, who now looked pale and weak. The main surgeon and nurse were working together to stop excessive bleeding. By this time, a nurse came to him and informed him what was going on. She asked him to hold his daughter for a while.

The little angel looked upon her father with big baby eyes, without making a sound while he was witnessing his wife losing the battle. He was terrified.


That day his wife lost almost 3 liters of blood that day—if one loses that much blood in an accident they may probably die. However, she was saved, but remained unaware of the complexity of the situation until the doctors informed her.

Ralph could smell blood for almost a week and couldn’t hold back his tears whenever he would talk to someone about his wife’s delivery—he had almost lost her that day.

He is thankful that both the mother and the baby are doing fine and their story ended well.