Top 15 Fat Burning Drinks For Your Weight Loss Plan

Not all drinks need to be labeled as no-nos if you’re trying to lose weight. Yes, sugary drinks won’t help you reach your goals, but we found 15 drinks that won’t hurt your waistline. Read more to learn about the 15 fat burning drinks for your weight loss plan!

1. Cinnamon And Honey Drink

In a glass of water, add a tablespoon of honey and half tablespoon of cinnamon. Do not use hot or warm water to avoid losing nutrients from the mixture. You can also add lime to speed up the fat burning process.

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2. Ginger And Lime

In a glass of water, add ginger and lime slices. You can try this drink at any time of the day to induce metabolism.


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3. Green Tea

Green tea does not add calories and fuels metabolism which makes it a reliable option for weight watchers. The antioxidants present in green tea are extremely effective for weight loss.


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4. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea, specially prepared from the root of the plant is a powerful stimulant for weight loss.


5. Apple And Strawberry Drink

In a food processor, take two large apples, two cups of strawberries and squeeze half a lime into it. Apples, strawberries and lime are superfoods that increase your metabolism and aid weight loss.


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6. Fruity Smoothie

Add half a cup cantaloupe, mango, and pineapple, one forth cup finely chopped pumpkin seeds and water. Blend together; smoothies can also boost your metabolism with the right ingredients.


7. Almond And Apple Drink

Take five almonds, one medium size apple, banana, half cup low fat milk, three fourth cups Greek Yoghurt and one fourth teaspoon cinnamon powder. Blend it to the consistency you prefer and drink it for breakfast. This drink boosts your metabolism and reduces hunger pangs.


8. Apple Drink

Prepare a juice with five medium apples, two oranges and two celery stalks. Blend all the components together and serve. This juice boosts metabolism, fights cancer, heart diseases and builds the immune system.


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9. Fresh Vegetable Juice

Prepare your favourite blend of vegetable juice to lose weight; it can also include tomatoes and carrots with a hint of ginger. Vegetable juice stimulates weight loss and provides the body with vital nutrients and dietary fibres.


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10. Dates And Banana Drink

Blend one date, banana, cinnamon and a cup of almond milk together. All these ingredients have their secrets to boost metabolism and fight hunger pangs.