5 Legitimate Queries About Pregnancy Sex Answered

Growing a baby inside is a herculean task of epic proportions. And it leads to a whole lot of changes in the body of a woman. Women go through a lot of emotional as well as physical changes during this time. So, having doubts about one’s libido is completely normal. Women often make the mistake of thinking that they have to practice abstinence during their pregnancy. Fortunately for women, that’s just a myth. Women don’t have to abandon their sexuality during their pregnancy.

Women often find it difficult to talk about pregnancy sex with their gynecologists. A lot of women find this a big taboo. It is normal to have such queries during this time, but it is even more important to get those queries clarified. There are five common queries that women generally have about pregnancy sex. Those queries have been listed below along with their answers.

1. Can Sex Cause Miscarriage?


According to Dr. Leah Millheiser, M.D. and director of the female sexual medicine program at the Stanford University School of Medicine, sex is not going to cause miscarriage. The risk of a miscarriage is generally high during the first trimester, but sex is allowed even in this period. But, there is a catch. If your doctor is suspecting you to be having a ‘threatened miscarriage’, then you will be advised to refrain from sex. A ‘threatened miscarriage’ is characterized by spotting with no probable explanation. According to Millheiser, when your doctor is suspecting something of that sort, you would be asked to abstain. Similarly, you should also abstain from sex if you are having a premature labor, placenta previa (lower amount of placenta in the cervix) or any sort of bleeding. But if you don’t have any of these symptoms and your OB-GYN hasn’t put you on any restrictions, then you can feel free to indulge in sex in any trimester.

2. Can The Penis Hurt My Baby?

Threat of the penis

This is a frequently asked question by many women. But, it is highly unlikely that your partner’s penis would hurt your fetus. Firstly, a penis cannot reach such depth that it can hurt the fetus. Secondly, there are multiple barriers that protects the fetus from all outside threats. Cervix, amniotic sac and uterus are three barriers that protect the fetus. So, it is highly unlikely for the penis to hurt your fetus.

3. Can Orgasm Bring On Premature Labor?

Orgasm and labor

The answer to that is no. Millheiser explains, “The chance of orgasm causing pre-term labor would be extremely small and rare.” When a woman achieve an orgasm, her body releases oxytocin. This hormone causes the uterus to contract. So, it is normal for pregnant women to experience some cramping while achieving orgasms. It is not something to be worried about unless the contractions are happening continuously for more than two hours with decreasing intervals between them.

But, please note that orgasm can cause labor if you are 38 weeks or more pregnant. If your contractions have become more frequent after achieving an orgasm, then you might be in labor. Also, your body can give you false alarms about labor after sex if you are near your delivery date.

4. What Sex-Positions Are Best During Pregnancy?

 Sex and Pregnancy

You can try the positions that take the pressure of your uterus. Missionary position can weigh down on the blood vessels that are carrying blood to the fetus. It is not dangerous but can make you uncomfortable after a while. So, some options are side-to-side or any rear entry positions.

5. How Safe Is Oral Sex During Pregnancy?

oral sex and pregnancy

It is completely safe for you to indulge in oral sex. But blowing air into the vagina of a pregnant woman can cause air embolism. It is rare but can happen. Air can pass through the blood and block the blood vessels. This can be dangerous both for the fetus and the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean abstinence for 9 months. So, don’t let your pregnancy hold you back from indulging in some fun.