10 Interesting Facts About Sex: How Many Did You Know?

When it comes to sex, you can never be a know-it-all. If you did, there would never be a dull moment in your sex life. Time to check how many of these facts about sex you knew already.

1. The Best Time For Sex Is After Workout

Sex Fact 01: Post-workout: The Best Time For Sex


The flow of blood to the genitals is increased post workout. This multiplies your sexual function, making the experience more pleasurable. In men, the testosterone levels peak during exercise, which would set the right mood on instantly. Studies also show that men burn around 200–300 calories and women burn about 69 calories during 20 minutes of sex. That’s a whopping double dose of calorie burning session!

2. Sperms Have Low Calories And Travel At A High Speed

Fact 02: Sperms: Have Low Calories, Travel At High-speed


A teaspoon of sperms contains about 36 calories. That’s all, if you were wondering about it! Citrus fruits and pineapples could change the way the semen smells. Also, a single sperm has 37.5 MB of male DNA information.

The first spurt of a man’s ejaculate travels at 28 miles per hour. Now, that’s almost equivalent to the 100 meters dash world record set by Usain Bolt! Well, that’s also an ideal example of “tiny yet mighty.”


3. Ovulating Women Are Prone To Adultery

Fact 03: Women, Ovulation, And Adultery

Women are more prone to committing adultery during their ovulation phase of menstrual cycle than any other time of the month. The reason behind this is the innate tendency of human beings to reproduce during their fertile phase. Therefore as women ovulate, their desire to get their eggs fertilized increases, making them a prey to adultery.


4. Apples And Pumpkins Are Aphrodisiacs

Fact 04: Apples And Pumpkins Are Aphrodisiacs

An apple a day keeps not just the doctor away but also keeps women sexually healthy. Women who eat more apple have increased libido and lubrication, contributing to the overall sexual function. Some micronutrients in apples mimic estradiol, a hormone which is important for sexual health.


Pumpkins, on the other hand, act as aphrodisiacs for men. Just the smell of pumpkins enhances the blood flow to genitals, leading to an erection. Chocolates are well-known for their excellent arousal capabilities as well.

5. Nose And Nipples Swell Up During Sex

Fact 05 : Nose and nipple swell during sex


Your inner nose and breasts swell during intercourse, just like genitals. This is due to the significant increase in the blood flow.

Nipple stimulation causes the uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasm, which are due to the release of the hormone oxytocin. This increases blood flow to genitals, which could be orgasmic in some women. Like women, approximately 60% of men get aroused with nipple stimulation.


6. Ancient Greeks Used Crocodile Dung As A Contraceptive

Fact 06: Crocodile Dung Was Used As A Contraceptive

Ancient Greeks used crocodile dung as a contraceptive. Reports dating back to 1850s also show the usage of crocodile dung for contraception. The alkaline property of the dung could have acted as a spermicide. The other reason could be neither party being able to participate in the act just by the thought of it! The bigger question is, how did they even discover it?

7. The Clitoris Is More Sensitive Than The Penis

Fact 07: Clitoris Is More Sensitive Than The Penis

The main purpose of a woman’s clitoris is to provide pleasure. It is an area responsible for orgasm. It is more sensitive than the penis due to the presence of around 8,000 nerve fibers, which is twice the number contained in the penis. The circular mass on the outside is connected to the shaft of the internal clitoris, and stimulating it with either a penis or sex toy can greatly increase stimulation, enhancing the pleasure.

8. A Part Of  The Female Brain Switches Off During Sex

fact 08: A Part Of Women's Brain Switches Off

A part of the brain called amygdala responsible for anxiety, depression, and fear shuts down while a woman has an orgasm. This process makes women feel more stress-free than men after an orgasm. The body movements made during it are also involuntary.

Some women may experience “myotonia,” which is characterized by muscle spasms due to activation of the vaginal muscles. This causes the other muscles in arms, neck, abdomen, legs, and face to tense up. This process, however, is uncommon and not all women experience it.

9. Sex Life Affects Wages

Fact 09: Sex Life Effects Wages

Some studies suggest that men whose wives earn more than them are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Psychology is said to play a role in this regard since the confidence level gets affected. It is also said that couples who have sex at least once a week tend to do better in their careers, and in turn have better wages compared to other couples who have sex rarely.

10. Fat Men Last Longer In Bed

Fact 10 : Fat Men Last Longer

Various studies show that fat men endure longer in bed than the one with six packs. They take thrice as much time as the gym freaks to ejaculate. Well, being fat isn’t always bad for health, you see!