6 Myths About Female Masturbation Debunked

facts about female masturbation

With an increase in the homogenization of sexes and gender sensitization, sexual liberation is definitely on the rise. Despite all the progress, the totally normal and pleasurable act of female masturbation still remains a very discreet topic. Limited awareness breeds misconceptions, and unfound fears. The same thing is the case with female self-pleasure.

Myths About Female Masturbation Debunked

The right to indulge in self-love and pleasure needs to break away from its taboo status. This can only happen with the evidence-backed information. The following facts prove the popular myths about masturbation wrong.1


Myth 1: Masturbation Is Not For Women In A Relationship

masturbation is for single women

Women who are single may indulge in flying solo more frequently than those who are not. However, that doesn’t mean that committed or married women should not do it often. Scientific studies have proved that when you orgasm on masturbation, mood-enhancers like dopamine and oxytocin are released.


These endorphins can be very helpful in busting stress and giving a natural high to women leading hectic lifestyle regardless of their relationship status.

Myth 2: Only Sexually Dissatisfied Women Masturbate

masturbation is for sexually unhappy women


Masturbation is as normal as having food when you are hungry or going to take a leak when your bladder is full. There’s nothing glorious or disgusting about it and pretty much like any bodily function, it needs to be satisfied. Just like you would give your tired feet a pedicure once a week, masturbation gives you the chance to give some attention to your sexual needs.

Myth 3: Masturbation Limits The Chances Of An Orgasm

masturbation prevents orgasms


This is yet another prominent myth about masturbation that has been doing the rounds for long. Scientifically, it has been proven that women who are more aware of their bodies through masturbation know what arouses them and what doesn’t during a sexual act.

As you will be more attuned to your erogenous zones and how much time you would need to climax, you can guide your partner to make the act more enjoyable for you. This paves way for a heightened passion and openness in your relationship thereby leading to greater orgasms for both of you.


Myth 4: Masturbation Is A Very Private Act

benefits of masturbating with a partner

This myth rings true when it comes to the fact that masturbating without getting a room is downright objectionable. However, if you want your significant other to watch you or accompany you while you masturbate, it’s totally alright. In fact, partnered masturbation, as it’s famously known as, is a great way to spice things up in your love life.


Myth 5: No Good Comes Out Of Masturbation

health benefits of masturbation

The fact is indulging in masturbation regularly has been proven to reduce the intensity of pre-menstrual syndrome. Orgasms can relieve body aches and inflammation in the body. It can also be a great way to let your hair down after a pretty stressful day. If you are aware that there’s no shame in masturbation, then you will feel much rejuvenated, every time you indulge in it.


Myth 6: Masturbation Is For The Young

masturbation and menopause

Adolescence is the time many of us stumble upon masturbation. As it becomes a natural part of growing up, understand that, there’s no age limit for the act. Especially with menopause and hormonal changes when your sex drive plummets, masturbation is a great way to boost your sexual health.

The vagina becomes more dry and narrow with age, masturbating can enhance blood flow and wetness in the genital areas. Using a lubricant while doing it can heighten pleasure for you. Be open to adding some fun sex toys in the mix for an exhilarating experience.2

There’s no shame in indulging in masturbation. Do it as often as you can and develop a positive association with it instead of feeling anxious or guilty. Without any further ado, go ahead and spend some quality time with your lovely self.3