5 Visible Symptoms That Indicate Serious Eye Diseases

Eye symptoms could be showing a bigger problem

Redness, itching, watering, and grittiness in the eyes are common issues that trouble most of us. Warm compresses, wearing sunglasses, and antibiotic drops are part of the relief process. But to follow the right course of treatment, the underlying cause should be determined as soon as possible, with the help of an eye specialist.

If there is a recurring pain, a change in vision, discharge, light sensitivity, or any other such persistent symptom, it could be a sign of a serious problem and needs special care. Take a look at some of the common eye issues that might arise and see what can be done to soothe the eyes.1

Common Symptoms Of Eye Issues

1. Itchy, Watery, Red Eyes

The itchiness could be due to an infection

A very common problem that can be due to allergic conjunctivitis, itchy eyes are extremely inconvenient. The best possible way to deal with it is to first

identify the source of the allergic trigger and remove it. A visit to the doctor might help you get started with medications to manage the condition – they could either be allergy drops, antihistamines, or anti-redness drops.2

2. Thick, Crusty Discharge From Red Eyes

The thick discharge could be due to conjunctivitis

This could be due to another type of conjunctivitis, which is not because of an allergy but due to an infection in the eye, especially the outer layer of your eye. A doctor might be able to judge if it is bacterial or viral and treat it accordingly.

The viral variety is quite contagious and can be treated with eye drops and, in some cases, isolation to prevent infection from spreading. Isolation means keeping the eye covered and avoiding direct or indirect contact with other people. A mild case of bacterial conjunctivitis might reduce on its own,

and sometimes, antibiotic eye drops also help.

3. Painful Lump Under The Eyelid

The lump could be due to an infected eyelash follicle

The pimple-like lump on the edge of the eyelid is called a stye. It is mostly an infected eyelash follicle and can be tender, swollen, and filled with pus. A warm cloth press might help to drain it and can be quite soothing too. An antibiotic ointment is generally prescribed and pain killers help manage the pain.

Another condition that can occur because of a clogged oil gland under the eyelid, farther from the lashes, is called a chalazion. It feels like a bump sticking out through the lid. Warm compresses are the first line of treatment here as well. If a stye or chalazion hardens and persists, you might have to visit an ophthalmologist to drain it or inject it with a steroid to bring down the swelling.3

4. Red Eyes With A
Gritty Feeling

Gritty feeling could be due to dry eyes

A condition called dry eye where the eyes aren’t getting enough moisture because there aren’t enough tears being produced can cause grittiness. Tears might not be watery enough or evaporate too quickly, which can happen when oil-producing glands in the eyelids are inflamed. A common reason for this is staring at screens regularly without blinking.

Dry eyes can also be a side effect of some medications, the result of hormonal fluctuations, or even due to the long-term use of contact lenses. A change in diet by including more omega-3 fatty acids and using a humidifier to moisten the air can definitely help. In most cases, a prescription ointment is given when conditions are severe.4

5. Red Eyes With Itchy Lash Line

A itchy lash line could be signs of blepharitis

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This could be blepharitis, a chronic condition in which oil glands along the lash line become clogged. Warm compresses increase blood flow and loosen the oil to help unclog the glands. Also, cleaning the eyelids by gently massaging the lash line with a warm washcloth helps immensely. Eye drops might also be prescribed to relieve dryness.5