5 Simple Exercises To Strengthen Your Hand Grip

When it comes to fitness, all parts of your body should get some form of movement. Your hands, like most parts of the body, are also made up of muscles, bones, and nerves that require some form of activity to keep them strong.

Strength in your hands would probably be the last thing that would cross your mind to build. However, it is important to build some grip and strength in your hands for they can help you lift heavy weights with ease.


Strong hands may even help you carry out daily activities like holding the grocery bags or lifting something heavy at home. So, to improve your hand grip and strength, try some of these exercises.

1. Ball Squeeze Exercise

Ball Squeeze Exercise Can Strengthen Your Hand Grip


The ball squeeze exercise is easy and can be done anywhere including your office space. All you need is a soft ball that can be squeezed. It can also help manage your stress at work, too!


  • Hold the ball in one hand and make a vice-like grip, wrapping the thumb and fingers around the ball.
  • Hold the ball in front of you for about a minute, periodically squeezing it with your fingers.
  • While squeezing the ball, you can raise your hand up and hold it above your head and do the same for about a minute.
  • Change the position and bring the ball to your side and squeeze it periodically and let it continue for a minute.
  • Now, move the ball to the other hand and repeat the exercises.

2. Finger Extend Exercise

inger Extend Exercise Can Strengthen Your Hand Grip

This exercise requires an elastic band that works as a resistance like in strength training. When the fingers work against the resistance, it helps strengthen the muscles.


You can use a strong elastic band or even purchase one that is specifically designed for the exercise.


  • With your fingers straight and together, flex them toward your thumb.
  • In this position, wrap the elastic band around them.
  • Next, extend your fingers against this resistance.
  • Try to do at least 10 extensions before moving the band to the other hand.

3. Gripper Exercise

Gripper Exercise Can Strengthen Your Hand Grip

This exercise can only be done with the help of hand grippers. These have two handles with a tension spring located in the middle. This is also another easy yet effective hand gripping exercise which can be done in several ways.



  • Hold the gripper in one hand with your thumb around one handle and the other four fingers around the other one.
  • Squeeze the gripper with your fingers and hold it for as long as possible.
  • Repeat the same with your other hand.

Another way to do this is by increasing the number of times you repeat the squeezes. Here are the steps for the exercise.



  • Set a time on your stopwatch, say a minute.
  • Hold the gripper in one hand and squeeze it by applying enough pressure as many times as possible within the set time.
  • Make sure you set the same time for the other hand and repeat it again.

4. Static Barbell Hold

Static Barbell Hold Can Strengthen Your Hand Grip

This hand-grip exercise can be done in the gym using barbells. It is important to understand that inappropriately holding the barbell may cause injuries. Therefore, lift the barbell you think you can lift without much strain.


  • Grab a barbell and lift it off the ground.
  • Raise the barbell up, bend your arms forming a 90-degree angle.
  • Keeping your wrists straight, hold the barbell steady in your hands for a minute or two.

5. Dumbbell Rotation

Dumbbell Rotation Can Strengthen Your Hand Grip

This exercise using dumbbells strengthens both your hand grip as well as forearms. You can use the dumbbells of your choice, depending on how much weight you can handle.


  • Hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands and hold them at a 90-degree angle with your arms bent in front of you.
  • Make sure the elbows are to your side and the shoulders are relaxed while holding the dumbbells.
  • Turn the dumbbells away from your side as much as possible without putting strain on your wrists.
  • Bring them back to their original position slowly.

So, with these easy hand-gripping exercises, strengthen your wrists and arms and make sure you give a strong handshake at work to show your confidence even if you are not.