9 Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten That Stand You In Good Stead Even Now

If you think the years you spent in kindergarten were just a foundation for your future education alone, you are wrong. You, in fact, learned much more than phonetics and numbers. Look back at your life in kindergarten. As a jovial and carefree kid (forget the first few episodes of whining), you learned how to mingle with a new group of people and of course, most importantly, how to survive there. Even though a few fights and arguments happened, you knew to end everything with a hug and laughter. Yes, recollecting your early school days, you will realize that every other lesson you need to know in life, you probably learned in kindergarten. Agree? Continue reading to know them.

1. Find Joy In Little Things

Any small thing used to amuse you. A new picture book, a new set of colored pencils, and even a smile from your teacher made your day happier. What’s stopping you now? Look around. You have a lot of things in your life, which you have neglected so far. If you continue to find happiness in every other blessing in this life, you don’t have to struggle with depressed thoughts anymore.

2. Speak Up

When you feel wronged, you always spoke against it. Your teacher always encouraged you to do that. As a kid, you never judged consequences. You wanted to feel better and go home peacefully. Even now, standing up for yourself is an important aspect of your life. When you are hurt, upset, or cornered, have the confidence to address it.

3. Show Gratitude

“Please”, “Thank You”, and “Sorry” – these three words are etched in a preschooler’s mind. This is how you learned to give respect. Expressing gratitude for any help or service shows that you respect the work done by others. And saying sorry when you hurt somebody raises the value of your personality. You get in return, what you give.

4. Clean Up Afterward

“Hey kiddo, clean up your own mess!” How often have you heard this? Those lessons of cleaning up your surroundings are what differentiate you from a savage. Don’t forget the good hygiene tips of washing your hands before you eat. If you don’t sneeze into your sleeve anymore, thank your kindergarten days!

5. Never Leave Your Friend Behind

Grudge? Ego clash? These were too big words for you back then. Whatever happened, you never left your friend behind. Before you dissolved into this unforgiving world, you knew how to stand with your friend without any regrets. Get back to that forgiving and loving mode; life is never complicated.

6. Don’t Give Up

You never stopped trying even when blending those phonics sounds seemed tough. You tried hard till you could read your first word and first sentence. You tried your level best till you learned addition and subtraction. Those first lessons taught you that great things take time. So, don’t give up in your life as difficult times stare at you.

7. Tired? Take A Nap

Yes, naps are the best! How refreshed were you after a nap! You could think clearly and act wisely with a renewed energy. Instead of sitting on your couch with that bowl of ice cream when you are overwhelmed, take a nap, dear.

8. Don’t Steal

The colorful, interesting things that belonged to your friend may have tempted you. But, words of advice from your teacher always kept you away from that. Don’t take things that are not yours – how beautiful life is if everyone follows this basic guideline from your kindergarten. Oh, not to forget another important line from the rule book – put things back where you found them.

9. Sharing Is Caring

As a kid, you loved to share all things. You always felt the joy when you shared. To break the boundaries of your ego and feel concern for others; go back to this great life lesson. Embrace this well-known mantra “sharing is caring” and live a content life.