Everyday Activities That Burn More Than 200 Calories

These everyday activities can be great exercises too.

Exercise is extremely beneficial for maintaining good health and promoting longevity, not to mention it’s great for our mental health too. However, for a lot of us, family, career and other responsibilities take up too much time and effort, which cuts into our exercise time. Not all of us can fit in the hour at the gym or yoga class, but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on exercise completely. It is movement and effort that matters, not what you do at the gym, and there are some great activities that you can do (or have already been doing) that help to burn those calories off. These activities and the number of calories they burn are based on an individual who weighs 155 pounds, so if you weigh less, you need to increase either the time or the intensity. If you weigh more though, you’ll be burning those calories anyway. Do these for an hour or so every day to burn at least 200 calories:

  1. Grocery Shopping  Minimum 220 calories burned per
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    Most of us go grocery shopping at least once a week, so this activity is the perfect exercise to burn away some of those calories. If done correctly, this exercise can burn around 220 calories per hour. To amp it up a little more, start by packing your shopping cart with the heaviest items first so that your stroll is a little more intense through the store. Moreover, if you’re going to be buying heavy objects, go into a deep knee bend squat while lifting them off the floor. If you are rotating and lifting, engage your core and make sure your hip flexors are strong and not overextended.

  2. Clean The House Minimum 330 calories burned per hour

    Cleaning might seem like a chore, but it can be a fantastic exercise when you put your all into it and can burn a minimum of 330 calories per hour. Using a mop and

    soapy water to clean the floor can work as a great exercise. You can amp up this activity with a little determination and creativity, so if you choose the more intense option, you can stretch beforehand and put on some music to make it more fun. Warm up initially by taking the mop forward and backward, as well as making circles on the floor. You can use an easy pace at first, but when you feel warmed up enough, get into rapid-fire mopping action. Give it all your energy, and each set can last around 30 seconds. Draw precise vertical lines and move deliberately to the back of the room as you do so. Do around 6 to 8 of these in 30-second bursts while taking 90-second breaks in between. Make sure to keep your core engaged as you do this, especially as you rotate.
  3. Walk In The Park  Minimum 300 calories burned per hour

    Walking is a wonderful exercise anyway, but did you

    know what even slow walking (3.5 miles per hour) can burn as many as 300 calories an hour? Incorporating more walking into your routine can be easy, like parking your car further away from your destination, choosing to walk rather than take your car to close-by places, and making time to stroll through the neighboring park during the weekends. If you increase your walking speed, you can even burn a minimum of 480 calories per hour. Work your core, walk heel to toe, and make sure you wear good walking shoes to avoid any injury.
  4. Wash The Car  Minimum 334 calories burned per hour

    All of us love the automated car wash, but manually washing your car can be good for the environment when done correctly and also helps to burn calories! Just simply washing, rinsing and drying your car can burn 334 calories in a hour, and this isn’t including vacuuming, polishing the interior and cleaning the tires. You can add to this

    by including a interior and exterior detailing activity. At the end of the day, you have a squeaky clean car that looks much better than what comes out of the automated car washes, and you get some great exercise out of it!