13 Etiquette You Must Follow While Practicing Yoga

Yoga the ancient Indian science of healing the mind, body, and spirit is increasingly becoming popular and practiced by millions globally.1 The number of yoga studios and centers is on the rise, making it all the more important to understand basic etiquettes that need to be followed while practicing yoga.

Yoga is all about balancing your body, mind, and spirit. In the absence of etiquette, the entire purpose of doing yoga may fail. By following the basic yoga etiquettes you will be benefitted immensely and yoga classes will be fun for you and everyone around.


Here are 13 etiquettes that must be followed while practicing yoga:

1. Be Punctual

You Should Always Be Punctual For A Yoga Class


Yoga classes generally follow different timings. Some yoga class may not have any timing at all and you may walk in at any time of your choosing. However, irrespective of the time you choose, it is always advisable to practice yoga at one particular time and be punctual for all your yoga classes at that time.

Being punctual becomes all the more important when you are part of a batch. If you are late, then it disturbs everyone present at the yoga class, you will also miss out important asanas that have already been performed.


2. Maintain Cleanliness

One Should Always Leave Their Shoes Outside The Yoga Studio.

Yoga is an Eastern concept and carrying your shoes inside the house or a temple is strictly not allowed. The place where you perform yoga is akin to a temple. Hence, you must leave your footwear outside or keep them in lockers.


Yoga classes at times may be crowded. But, if each one maintains personal hygiene then it will help everyone around. Use a perfume but make sure you don’t overuse it. Wear clean clothes and keep your hair brushed. Always carry your own mat as the sweat from others mat may harm you. Also, carry enough towels to wipe the sweat.

3. Wear Appropriate Yoga Clothes

 It Is A Good Etiquette To Wear Appropriate Clothes For Yoga Classes.


Wardrobe malfunctions don’t just happen on ramps. Yoga classes across the globe are witness to such incidents. At a yoga class, you must always wear appropriate clothes that cover your body.

4. Bring Only The Essentials Into Yoga Class

Carry Only Your Mat, Water Bottle And Towel In A Yoga Class.


Your yoga class is not your hiking expedition. Yoga classes may also have less space which means the more things you take in the more inconvenience you cause to others. So, take only the essentials such as mat, towels, and water bottle inside the yoga class.

5. Avoid Eating At Least Two Hours Before The Class

Avoid Eating Anything Two Hours Before The Yoga Class.


Yoga involves lots of stretching. If you eat a heavy meal before a yoga session then your body may not be able to do the asanas properly. Eat your last meal at least two hours before the yoga session. You will feel lighter and you will be able to get most out of your yoga class.

6. Avoid Bringing Your Cell Phones Into The Class

Leave Your Cell Phone In Locker When Going For Yoga Class.

Yoga class helps bring your body and mind together. Your cell phone may be a distraction for you and other around. Constant messgage alerts and phone calls will not let you focus on the yoga class. Keep your cell phone and all other electronic gadgets at home or in your locker.

7. Respect The Instructor

You Should Always Respect Your Yoga Instructor.

Your instructor is your teacher, also known as ‘guru’ in Indian philosophy. You are a disciple of the instructor and you must respect the instructor to get the most out of yoga class. When you respect your instructor, the learning will be more fulfilling. In true sense you will be able to connect your body, mind, and soul.

8. Inform The Trainer About Your Health Issues

Keep Your Yoga Trainer Informed About Your Health.

Never hide your health issues from the trainer. Keep them informed about the diseases you suffer from or the surgeries you ever underwent. Yoga involves some serious stretching poses and if you do not reveal your health issues to your instructor then you may end up harming your body.

9. Do The Yoga As Instructed

Always Follow The Instructions Of A Yoga Trainer To Do Yoga Properly.

A yoga session will be complete only if you do it the way it the way it should be done. Initially doing every asana perfectly may be difficult, you can do slight modification to them but avoid changing a yoga asana completely. Also, when you make modifications inform your instructor about it.

10. Avoid Talking And Distracting The Fellow Students

It Is Not A Good Etiquette To Talk To Other Students In Yoga Class.

Your yoga session is not a stroll in the park or gossiping session with a bunch of friends. Yoga sessions are a place where you be with yourself, understand yourself better and see the extreme possibilities your body is capable of achieving. You must avoid talking to others as it will keep you distracted and will disturb everyone present around you.

11. Avoid Teaching Other Students

Avoid Instructing Fellow Students In A Yoga Class.

Well, you can teach students if you are an instructor. But if you are not, then avoid teaching others becuse what you teach may be completely wrong. Seek the help of yoga instructor to gain maximum benefit from your yoga classes.

12. Avoid Getting Into Others Space

Maintain Sufficient Space From Others In A Yoga Class

It’s quite possible that yoga classes can get crowded at times. But you must avoid getting into others space. You may cause disturbance to them and it may disturb their yoga session if you keep getting into their space.

13. Clean Up Your Area

Before Leaving A Yoga Class, Always Clean Your Place And Put The Props In Its Respective Place.

One of the basic concept of yoga is cleanliness. You may think I am done so why should I clean the place? Well, if everyone starts doing the smae then your yoga studio will be in a mess and you may eventually stop doing yoga. Cleaning doesn’t mean mopping the entire floor, cleaning is just wiping the mat if you used a mat belonging to the yoga studio. Cleaning is also putting the props back into its place.

By following these basic yoga etiquettes you will make a yoga class enjoyable for yourself and everyone around.