Essential Oils: Say Goodbye To Those Last Stubborn Pounds!

There is no magic potion for weight-loss. You can not wave a wand and make it all disappear. Trust me, if I could have done this, I would still carry my magic wand today. But, essential oils are a great tool for those last stubborn pounds. They help create balance in the body. The more balance, the less inflammation. The less inflammation, the less weight gain. And the less weight gain, the less disease. So essential oils can play an important role in how you look, how you feel and how you live.

The Healing Power Of Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential oils have been used for healing for over 6000 years. They interact with receptors in the brain that determine your emotions, your stress levels, your hormonal interaction, and your reward system. And this is the exact area of the brain that needs to be stimulated when losing those last stubborn pounds. This does not negate the importance of proper diet and exercise. Healthy habits start on your plate and go all the way to your thoughts. But, essential oils can play a positive role in helping to create the balance needed to get the most out of everything else you do. There are many ways to use essential oils to assist the healing process, feel fabulous and live vibrantly. You might diffuse them in your home. You can put a few drops in hot water and absorb the steam. How about mixing them with salts for a bath? Or you can apply a drop or two with a carrier oil topically. Whatever you do, always start at the smallest dose and increase as needed.


5 Essential Oils That Can Help Release Stubborn Pounds

1. Grapefruit Oil

This one can actually activate enzymes in the body responsible for breaking down fat in the abdominal area. Grapefruit oil has been shown to be especially effective when applied topically to the abdomen. It helps stimulate enzymes, and thereby stimulate hormones that increase the metabolism. And there is even some evidence that it can assist with cravings.

2. Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil will help balance blood sugar levels thereby reducing the body’s fat storage capacity as well as minimizing cravings. When glucose (blood sugar) levels are not balanced, there will be energy fluctuations, strong sugar cravings and a propensity to overeat.


3. Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is beneficial for it’s high concentration of gingerol. Gingerol is good for the gut and digestion. It can help relieve gut related problems that increase and helps inflammation. And inflammation not only precedes weight gain, but prohibits fat loss.

4. Peppermint Oil

Just like with ginger oil, peppermint oil can improve digestion and soothe inflammation. Additionally, peppermint oil can reduce hunger and cravings. It can lead to an increase in energy. And this can help you move better and be more active.


5. Bergamot Oil

This oil is a good source of polythenols; the ingredient found in green tea that helps increase metabolism. This oil is another good one for digestion. And it can also be a stress reducer and an anti-depressant. Negative thoughts and feelings release hormones that actually promote fat storage. So keeping your mood lifted is beneficial for your waistline and your health.

Some Notes About Essential Oils

Look for quality when purchasing essential oils. Know that essential oils will not be effective if they are over-diluted or impure. So do a little research before purchasing. Look at the ingredients. Read the reviews to see what others think. And remember, expensive is not necessarily better.


Essential Oils Are A Beneficial Part Of Your Wellness Routine!

You are eating well. You are exercising. And you are feeling better than ever before. So why not give yourself the best shot of success. Transforming your health and your weight comes down to more than what you eat. It comes down to how you live. And essential oils can play a beneficial part of your health transformation. Want to get rid of those last stubborn pounds but coming up short? Consider essential oils as part of your health regimen.