Enjoy The Aromatic Qualities Of Essential Oils Even During Pregnancy

Scents have been found to have a profound impact on our mind and body. They have been found to evoke emotions and even happy memories. From ancient times, people have used these to treat anxiety, stress and even acne. When you are pregnant, aromatherapy like all other alternative therapies can come to the rescue.

What Does An Essential Oil Do?

Note: Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine, however, it’s been found to be effective in reducing stress levels in pregnant women. Before proceeding with the therapy, it is best to consult your healthcare provider to understand the do’s and don’ts better.


The olfactory nerve is responsible for our sense of smell that starts from our nose and enters our brain. This nerve sends signals to different parts of the brain, especially the limbic system and amygdala which are responsible for emotions, mood, and memory. These regions are also responsible for our reactions in a flight-or-fight situation, which means they can cause an adrenaline rush, quicken our breath or soothe and relax us. The therapy is breaks down how scents can quickly trigger physical and mental reactions in our body. Some of the essential oils have been found to be capable enough to trigger the same reactions. Sounds interesting, right?

What Is An Essential Oil?

Essential oils are typically concentrated oils with a characteristic odor and property of the plant, or any other source from where they have been extracted. For ages, they have been found to have cosmetic, spiritual, and religious benefits. The aromatherapist and you are the best judges in deciding which essential oil would be perfect for you.


Are Essential Oils  Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are using essential oils during your pregnancy, they are completely safe.as long as you are healthy and careful. Currently, they are a rage, and that too for a good reason. However, since these essential oils are concentrated products, it’s best to use them sparingly and source them from renowned places to avoid any complications.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Essential Oils

  • Use only a single drop of any one particular essential oil at a time
  • Do not use any single essential oil for a long time, like every day for several weeks
  • Try using the diluted version by mixing the drop with at least 5 ml of base oil before you add it to the bath (Grapeseed or sweet almond oil can be used as a base oil)
  • You can add drops to a vaporizer, but don’t keep it on for more than 10 to 15 minutes per hour. If kept longer, the smell can become overpowering and can make you feel nauseous
  • Avoid using essential oils during the first trimester. After the first trimester, you can contact your aromatherapist who specializes in treating mommy-to-be’s and book an appointment
  • Avoid internal usage of essential oils
  • Oral, rectal or vaginal usage of essential oils should be avoided at all costs

Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

There are quite a few essential oils that can be used during your pregnancy (post the first trimester). However, do talk to your healthcare provider and your aromatherapist to understand essential oils you should use.


From giving you relief from nausea to easing pregnancy related anxiety and stress, essential oils have been found to help keep you calm and relaxed throughout. These can uplift the mood of the mommy to be, induce happy memories and even reduce fatigue if used under guidance and in moderation.

Essential oils have been found to address the challenges of pregnancy, still it’s always best to run it through your healthcare provider once. Read the ingredients carefully and avoid all oils that contains any form of synthetic ingredient. On the other hand, find out others ways to unwind during those pregnancy months, especially if you are unsure of how essential oils can affect your unborn child.