Are You Pregnant? Wait, Now Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Feeling happy, elated, delighted, stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and sad at the same time – That’s pregnancy! It is one of the most exciting and challenging experience any woman could go through. Pregnancy is all about changes which can impact your emotional health. Both physical and lifestyle changes could lead to all these mixed emotions and even doubts. Negative thoughts are normal during pregnancy, especially if it’s your first baby, as you enter a new phase of your life.

The doubts and questions in your mind are normal. You would be worried about the changes that are waiting to happen, feel worried, or apprehensive even if you may have planned the pregnancy. When you get doubts about how good a parent you would be, what are the impacts of the new arrival financially, how would you cope up with other relationships it is natural to feel stressed. There is nothing that you could keep yourself prepared and be in control when you know there is a big change.

However, feeling stressed will not help you in any way. It will only make

matters worse. The growing baby will get affected by your stress. While some stress during pregnancy is normal, you cannot give in to stress that will impact your ability to function.

Stress could be due to many reasons. Pregnancy-related stress is because:

Being a single parent

Unplanned pregnancy

Prior negative pregnancy

Early parenthood

Inadequate sleep

Doubts and worries about future

Relationship difficulties

Find out the reason and manage stress effectively.

Focus On What You Can Control

Being pregnant can take a toll on your mental health. Rather than thinking about how your future would be, focus the present. Eat healthily, keep fit, practice meditation, and communicate with your little one in the womb. Doing these things will keep you happy and stress-free. Nurture mental and emotional health by doing things that you would enjoy. Ask help and support for some positive feelings. You cannot perfect parenting unless you try it out, it is a learning process and with time you can make it work!

Do Not Have Expectations

Having expectations is the root cause of all the problems. Do not have any expectations. We know it is very easy to preach but difficult

to practice. When you are pregnant, it is important to be aware of your expectations about pregnancy, birth, and the baby. Ask yourself whether you are putting unwanted pressure on yourself. Don’t let prior negative experiences affect you in any way. Having high hopes and expectations is dangerous and also adds unwanted stress. Understand that you have a lot of challenges to face, but you will pass when you cross the bridge. There are no definite answers for everything.

Work On Relationships

If you have any issues or concerns regarding relationships, address it immediately. Go to a counselor for help before the birth which can add more confusions. Identify the problems and avoid getting things worse. Always getting help is far better than ignoring or avoiding issues.

Avoid Alcohol Or Drugs

During pregnancy, it is very important to be healthy. Not only your physical but also your mental health. If you are under stress constantly, your baby will also get affected. It is essential to be healthy, eat right, and follow strict medical advice. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs will cause severe damage to

the growing fetus. Growth problems, mental issues in the child, fetal distress, even death can occur. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol will not help you out of stress, tension, or anxiety. If you have difficulty coping up without alcohol or drugs, please seek medical help immediately.

Just as you and your baby benefit from being physically healthy during pregnancy, even your partner and others around will feel relieved with your good mental health.