Why 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Is Just An Urban Myth

This is an urban myth that has no substance or science behind it! Interestingly enough, I fought this myth when I was in Naturopathic College – and believe it or not, to no avail! But that is all that it is – a myth.

I am a scientist…so I always look for the evidence. Now unfortunately, there are a number of ways “scientists” can alter the outcomes of studies: through both design and applied analysis. In addition, results are often taken out of context or simply inappropriate, ie., when MDs are told about the relative risk rather than the actual risk of a given drug – huge differences and incredibly misleading.


Anyways, What About Water?

My logic was:

  1. If we are supposed to be about 70% water.
  2. How much water is in good whole organic foods.
  3. Even meats, unless the essence is cooked out of them, have water.
  4. No culture throughout history has been obsessed with water like we are – why are we and how did this get started?
  5. Couldn’t too much water be dangerous to the: arteries, kidney, heart, brain.

So I started to do some research. All my assumptions were correct! Why were they teaching this non-evidenced based myth in Naturopathic College?


Now do not get me wrong. I do believe the body requires water. Our cells are full of fluid; they bathe in a hydro fluid; our blood and lymph system is full of hydro fluid; but do we need to follow this 8×8 (8 glasses of 8 ounces) rule? Absolutely not.

Your Body Is Wise

It will tell you when it is thirsty. Just like it will tell you when you are hungry.


The “College” people advocated that if the body is telling you it is thirsty – that means you are already dehydrated! I suggested that that was no more the case than when you are hungry – you are already in a state of starvation. But they phew phewed me…to bad, because that is what all the actual evidence indicates.

Now for me, there is a far more important issue that got lost in the process of following the 8×8 rule. That is the quality of water!


When water has a low pH, ie., 5-7 it gets sticky and you will get 18-22 H20 molecules sticking together. This is not good. Water then provides a great transport system for all the unhealthy components in the water to get into your body. When water has a pH of about 8 – like water going over a waterfall – it looses the hydrogen bonds and you will get 3-5 H2O molecules sticking together – much healthier. How healthy is water that is sitting stagnant in a plastic bottle?

Also the mineral content of water is important. When your water has good healthy minerals in it – you will benefit on a number of physical levels.


So what to do?

How To Make Your Tap Water Great

  1. At night, take a jug of water and leave it on the counter – no lid. Most of the chlorides and fluorides will dissipate over night.
  2. In the morning, put your water in a blender – similar affect to going over a waterfall. It will break up the hydrogen bonds, leaving a lower pH and fewer H2O molecules bond together.
  3. The gases will dissipate; the heavier toxins will go to the bottom.
  4. Leave the last 1/4 of water in the blender and wash it down the sink.
  5. With the rest of the water – put in a little Himilayan salt – and whola you now have a great water. Note: some people have argued the benefits of Himilayan salt – that many of the minerals are found only in trace amounts – that is actually to your benefit “not” detriment. You only need those minerals in trace amounts in your body.

So now you have a really good water that is also anti-oxidant and mineral full. You do not need to waste money purchasing water or contribute to the plastic garbage pile. Your water is tasty, healthy and cheap! For more flavour, add a little lemon juice. Even healthier.


All We Need Is Structured Water

Now if you want to take an even more interesting twist – which of course is what I love to do, then look into Dr Pollack’s research on “Structured Water.” This started to come out about 8 years ago and of course, I loved it. Our body does not even use H2O – rather it creates H2O3 which is called structured water. The reason I was interested in this was because I know of a number of people who drink loads of water (way too much as far as I was concerned) but were dehydrated. How could that be? Maybe the body was not converting the H2O into H2O3.

Remember, good science challenges whatever theories are currently held and pushes our understanding even further. Whenever something becomes “accepted” as a truth – I start challenging it.