Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong-sized Bra

Can a tight bra cause chest pain

We can’t agree enough on the fact that fancy bras entice us from any corner of the store. Being wooed by the variety of shapes, designs, and fabrics available, we tend to pick up the ones that look good instead of the ones that fit well. However, ill-fitting bras not only cause discomfort but also give rise to various health problems. Mentioned below are the same.

Side Effects Of Wearing A Wrong-sized Bra

1. Back Pain

Wearing tight bra causes back pain


Wearing a tight bra often exerts excess pressure on the rib-cage inducing mid and lower back pain. It goes without saying that it also leads to breast pain.

In women with larger breasts, wearing a loose or ill-fitting bra can induce similar side effects. The lack of support lowers the position of the breasts due to the action of gravity. This, in turn, puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back and hips, inducing pain.


Wearing a bra that is very tight can also induce stiffness in the spine around which it tightens, leading to back pain.

2. Head, Neck, And Shoulder Ache

Wearing tight bra causes head, neck, and shoulder pain


If you think that the cups of your bra support your bosom, you are wrong. It is the straps and the back of the bra that take up this responsibility. They press against a muscle called trapezius muscle, which connects the neck to the shoulders. A persistent strain on this muscle induces pain in the shoulders, which eventually spreads to your neck.

Overly tight straps reduce the blood circulation and adversely impact the nerves, leading to tension headaches.


3. Lymphatic Restriction

Wearing tight bra leads to lymphatic restriction

The lymphatic system is a part of our immune system which scavenges the toxins and waste products out of the body. The flow of lymphatic fluid through the lymph vessels is necessary to perform this function. Wearing a tight bra squeezes the lymph vessels interfering with the overall function, which results in accumulation of toxins and waste products. In severe cases, this is the potential cause of benign tumors, cysts, and breast cancer.


4. Digestion Problems

Wearing tight bra causes digestion problems

The diaphragm is one of the important muscles of the body. The movement of diaphragm massages the digestive organs, ensuring proper bowel movements. Wearing a tight bra affects the functioning of the same, leading to problems with digestion. In severe cases, it also leads to irritable bowel syndrome, which is an intestinal disorder causing pain, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.


5. Skin Abrasions

Wearing tight bra causes skin abrasions

When the bra is too tight for your size, it rubs hard against the skin, leading to abrasions and blisters. In summers, the irritation can get to another level due to the heat and sweat. Persistent pressing of the straps on the skin can lead to hyperpigmentation, which is hard to get rid off.


6. Shortness Of Breath

Wearing tight bra leads to shortness of breath

A tight bra affects the quality of your breathing. It does not literally cause shortness of breath or impact the breathing rate but it does make you a shallow breather. Shallow breathing is considered bad, as it changes the concentration of the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

7. Breast Sagging

Wearing wrong-size bra causes breast sagging

Bras hold your breasts in place and provide adequate support. They also play a role in shaping your breasts well. Wearing a loose-fitting bra can hamper with the shape and size of the breasts, leading to sagging.

Studies, however, suggest wearing the bras for not more than 12 hours. Sleeping without bras is highly advisable as it promotes adequate circulation, prevents hyperpigmentation caused due to constant rubbing of the bra on the skin, and reduces irritation and restlessness.

8. Breast Tenderness

Wearing tight bra leads to breast tenderness

Studies show that wearing a regular bra during a moderate workout session doesn’t support your moving breasts. This leads to breast tenderness. Wearing a sports bra significantly reduces the movement, keeping your breasts in place and the pain and tenderness away. Choosing the right size is the key.

So, the next time you go lingerie shopping, make sure you choose the right size and do not fall prey to those laces and nets! After all, looks can be deceptive!