Effects Of Lies And Secrets On Our Health

Unlike a truth, a lie is not subjective. People who lie know they are fabricating something not real. Its not a different version of truth. It’s just blatantly a lie. We lie every day but not all of them are harmful to others. There is no way we can justify lying, not even when it is to safeguard someone’s feelings. Studies show that lies can hamper relationships and diminish our overall well-being. A survey shows that an average American indulges in one to two lies every day. It makes you question the credibility of all the compliments that people have given you, isn’t it?

Liars And Prolific Liars

Prolific liars

Liars are pretty clearly people who lie. But prolific liars are a distinguished group of people who lie extensively to get ahead in life. According to a research conducted by Kim Serota at the Oakland University, about 5% of our population consist of prolific liars who are responsible for 50% of all lies. These

prolific liars are regular in spewing great numbers of lies like convincing someone of their affection or deceiving a co-worker. Serota says that men are more likely to be prolific liars. They are more likely to lie to occupy a big position in a job or to deceive their spouses and kids to believe something. These people generally have a history of being called out at their jobs for their elaborate lies or even dumped often because of their dreadful habit. These liars are completely aware of their actions and repercussions of their lies, but they generally don’t care much about them. They are highly motivated to achieve their goals and they don’t mind lying for it.

Truth Behind The White Lies

. White lies

White lies are tiny, harmless lies that we say tell in our daily lives. We often convince ourselves that we tell these lies to safeguard others feelings. But, if you think a little more into it, you will see

a different side of that story. We don’t lie to protect other’s feelings, but rather we lie to protect our image in their eyes. We say white lies to avoid the discomfort that comes with telling the truth. We may feel that these white lies are the best way to maintain a happy relationships. Unfortunately, studies have shown that keeping secrets can bar us from developing intimacy which can make feel less committed to the person we most want to commit to.

Withholding information or keeping a secret is also a form of lying. It has a very similar effect as telling lies. Men are more likely to keep a secret because they are preconditioned heavily to avoid shame. According to the Harvard Psychologist Dr. William Pollack, “Men are shame-phobic.” So, men tend to lie or keep secrets to avoid feeling ashamed in front of others.

Effects Of Lies On Our Health

1. Secrets Or Lies Can Make You Edgy

Secrets can make you edgy


are not good for our health. It can make you constantly nervous. When you are hiding a secret, you want to just forget about it altogether. According to a research conducted at the University of Virginia, it has exactly the opposite effect. Trying to forget about a secret can make you think about it even more. And this can cause anxiety and stress.

2. They Can Be Distracting


A research was conducted with a bunch of students at the University of Virginia. Some students were trusted with a secret that they were not supposed to spill. All the students were given a computer test. Students with the secret took longer to finish the test than the others.

3. Secrets Can Make You Fat

Weight issues

A recent research has shown that people with big secrets like cheating on their spouses found it harder to achieve their physical

goals. The explanation for it is that their secrets and associated guilt might be the reason.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

It is a great piece of advice that can save us from a world of pain that can unfold if we lie.