Effects Of Junk Food And Healing The Body With Nutrition

What we put in our body really matters. Don’t be fooled to think that junk food is not going to affect your health that much.

Let the food you eat be your medicine. Let the food you eat slowly kill you or let it slowly heal you. You can choose, you have control over the food choices you make.


Why Is Food So Important In Your Health?

  • What we eat alters the chemistry of our body either positively or negatively.
  • Nowadays our diets consist of refined sugar, refined flours and carbohydrates, trans fats, alcohol, caffeine and all kind of processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives.
  • The 300 trillion cells that make up our body can’t sustain vitality on junk or processed food, in fact, the more you do to a food the worse it gets for us to absorb.
  • Ingested food has to be digested: this consists in a complex chemistry that breaks down the food into smaller and essential nutrients as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are absorbed and utilized while the waste is eliminated.
  • The result of our bad diet is that, as the chemistry goes out of control, the body becomes toxic and depleted of essential mineral and vitamins.
  • The organs that detoxify the body (mainly the liver but also lungs, skin, kidneys, and bowels) are forced to work much harder to keep up with the situation.

Junk Food, Parasites, And DNA Changes

Eating junk food, combined with stress and a bad lifestyle, creates the right environment for parasites to thrive within our body allowing allergies and infections to come up. Naturopath Ann Boroch explains how, in response to the disease, the body becomes swollen and chronically inflamed. Actually, inflammation is a healing process, but it’s now clear that when the process is chronic we cannot sustain vitality.

Finally, at that point, a chronic disease sets in and your traditional doctor will try to heal it with prescription drugs.
But that’s not going to work! It cannot work! Artificially modifying the chemistry with a prescription drug will only disrupt the biochemistry, even more, feeding the disease.


We are not deficient in a prescription drug, we are deficient in vitamins and minerals. Though the symptoms are covered and we are “happy”. That’s the crazy world we live in!

In fact, this environment wreaks havoc on the body and this is expressed through cell and DNA damage. It’s not that we have a faulty DNA as traditional doctors want us to believe, it’s toxicity that alters the DNA.


This concept is very important because it means that if we manage to detoxify the body we can heal any “incurable” disease.

3 Steps To Heal Your Body

Read the following 3 steps to start to detoxify and to heal the body with nutrition good food choices.


1. Avoid Unhealthy Food

Health begins with what we eliminate from our diet, not with what we add. The first step in recovery and healing is to completely remove harmful foods. Only then we can think to add healthy foods filled with vitamins and minerals that promote our health.

Most of the stuff available on grocery store shelves or restaurant menus can hardly be called food. Everything is processed and industrialized; they give us the calories we need to barely survive, but not the nutrients we need to be healthy.


It is clear that the solution is only one: stop eating anything that is not in its natural state. Stop eating any food that contains more than a single ingredient.

If you eat only whole foods – by definition – you remove the processing, the industrialization, and the dangerous food additives.


2. Eat Food That Promotes Health

Everything you eat should start out as one whole ingredient that you can hold in your hand. Just read the label and if it says, for instance, “ingredients: brown basmati rice” go for it. But if it has a list of mono-sodium- whatever, forget it.

Of course, each item does not need to be eaten by itself, you can combine ingredients to form delicious meals. The rule is simply that, when you buy the products, they must start out as one whole and natural ingredient.


3. Take Natural Supplements

Each vitamin and mineral has a specific role in maintaining healthy cells. Since the body manufactures these essential nutrients only in insufficient amounts, they are mainly obtained through food.

However, because of depleted and toxic soils and environmental toxins the amount of vitamins and minerals in the food we eat is declining. Besides, since our lives are more stressful than ever we need even more of these essential nutrients.

That’s the reason why vitamin and mineral supplements (at their natural state and not processed by Big Pharma), today, are absolutely necessary for a good health.

Good Health Is A Choice

I often talk about health being a choice. This means that we have to focus on the fact that it’s possible to reclaim our health if we know what to do and we’re willing to do it. And it’s always possible.

“Health is a choice” means to give back hope to people that risked to lose it.