5 Effective Ways Of Dealing With Your Own Jealousy

Jealousy is a vice that can make a person go crazy sometimes. Jealousy over a friend’s success, jealous of your boyfriend’s girl buddy and many other kinds of day-to-day jealousy can take a toll on a person’s emotional health. Not everyone we know has a problem of chronic jealousy, but we all do feel the pangs of this vice sometimes. So, there are many things that we can do to turn our jealousy into something positive or sometimes even learn something from it to handle it better. It is easier said than done for sure, but it is not an impossible feat to achieve. Little bit of clarity and reasoning can help us in gaining a better perspective in life. There are a few things we can do to deal with our jealousy better.

1. A Reality Check And A Positive Spin

A friend at work got a promotion over you and you can’t stop feeling jealous towards that person. You can’t stop

yourself from thinking that how can she or he get a promotion over you. Well, you need a better perspective in scenarios like this. Evaluate yourself in such situations. Did you work as hard as your friend this year? Did you work to the fullest of your capability this year? Answer yourself truthfully. Then ask yourself what you can take from this experience. You can either get inspired by your friend and work harder, or you can find a better path if you feel you have been wrongfully overlooked. Remember that feeling jealous can never solve your problems.

2. Express Yourself Clearly

We are bound to feel jealous at some point in our relationships. First, take your time and evaluate why you are feeling jealous. Are you feeling jealous of a girl buddy of your boyfriend that he keeps hanging out with? Well, now that you know why you are feeling jealous, you can solve your problem easily. You can politely let your

boyfriend know how you are feeling. Tell him nicely that you are feeling a little left out in his life. Ask him out for a date night. In a good relationship, we need to sometimes ask for what we want.

3. Dig Deep

Sometimes, jealousy can come from other emotions like annoyance and even wanting control over someone or something. There can be a deeper emotion that can sometimes drive our superficial reactions. Are you angry at your best friend for forgetting an important day? And is that why you have been acting jealous? So, sometimes we gotta dig deeper to find out the reason behind the driving force to solve a problem.

4. Evaluate Your Demands

It is important to keep our expectations in check to avoid certain feelings. It is important to know if we are demanding too much from others. Avoid expecting constant

texts from your boyfriend if he is having a night out with his friends. Don’t worry constantly and keep calling him. That way you are acting needy and clingy. Everyone likes their space when they are with their friends. You can’t have control over everyone and everything, and you need to learn to deal with that on your own.

5. Get A Better View And Move On

Try looking at your situation from other’s perspective. How would you look at the situation if it was happening to someone else? May be you are making things worse in your head. Try to look at things from a different angle. And if things that happened are really bad, then you can’t do anything about it now. So, stop reliving the horror again and again. At this point, all you can do is move on. Move on to a more positive mental space and expect good things to happen. Trust in time, as it changes for


Jealousy can gravely harm both us and our relationships. So, learn to reign in your wild imagination and deal with your vice effectively.