Listen Up, Men! Here Are 6 Ways To Be More Confident

Self-confidence, defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment, is a trait that appeals to most women. A person’s self-confidence increases from experiences of having mastered particular activities.

Women are generally attracted to men who are confident in their ability to provide and protect, which is perceived through the display of self-confidence. Your body language and mannerisms can tell a lot about your confidence.


Not just in humans, even in the animal kingdom, the female species is attracted to the most confident and dominant males. Here, we’ll just stick to humans and see how you can appear more self-confident by following these simple techniques.

1. Take The Direct Route

Confident men are direct in their approach and don't beat around the bush


Confident people have no qualms about asking a woman out or making a good conversation. That is because they are usually direct in their approach and are ready for both a “yes” and a “no”. When you are open and direct about your proposal or an invite, it shows your self-confidence. Women can be quite observant and even the slightest trace of nervousness or reluctance is easily spotted and branded as insecurity or shyness.

2. Take A Compliment

Men who are confident gracefully accept a compliment


People who are oozing with self-confidence can easily take compliments and offer them to others too. So, don’t shy away from complimenting on how beautiful a woman looks in a dress, or how lovely her smile is. On the other hand, if a woman compliments you, accept the compliment and thank her for it. Confident people accept compliments gracefully.

3. The Way You Walk

Your walking style and stride tell a lot about your confidence levels


Although your sense of dressing is what women generally first notice, your walking style is the second. A confident person’s walk reveals a lot about how the person feels about himself or herself. A straight posture with your gaze fixed forward and a casual style of walking exudes self-confidence.

Even the stride you take matters and slow, yet progressive strides are what you should aim for. That is because confident people don’t walk in a hurry as if they’re going to miss the flight. However, that doesn’t mean you must walk so slow that you appear to have no purpose. So, walking as though you know what you’re doing and where you’re going is the ideal strategy.


4. Celebrate Her Success

Confident men genuinely feel happy with a woman's success and eagerly celebrate it

In today’s world, where both men and women have similar job opportunities, it’s no surprise that some women earn a lot more than many men. Confident men are not threatened by a woman’s success and instead do all they can to celebrate her success. This trait tells the woman that you are not insecure and you can support her unconditionally.


5. Look Into Her Eyes

Looking into a woman's eyes show your confidence

Looking into a person’s eyes when you talk to them is a sign of confidence and honesty. A wavering gaze that’s all over the place while you make a conversation shows insecurity and insincerity. That’s how most people decide whether you’re telling the truth or just lying.


But, don’t keep staring at the person’s eyes constantly as they may get spooked and think that you’re some sort of a psycho. Casually look away occasionally, but maintain eye contact as much as possible. However, if you find it uncomfortable to constantly look into a woman’s eyes, shift the gaze to her mouth and she won’t even know the difference.

6. Focus On Your Positives

Confident men focus on their positive aspects

Confidence is a result of the conviction or belief you have in yourself. And, you will believe in yourself when you focus on your positive aspects and strengths. Although everyone has their own set of positives and negatives, to bring out the best in you, you must look more at your plus points. Talk about things that you are good at and avoid talking about your failures and weaknesses. But, ensure that you don’t make up stories just to sound confident and be honest.