Effective Anti-Aging Yoga Asanas For Flawless Skin.

Effective Anti-Aging Yoga Asanas For Flawless Skin.

You can find a plenty of creams, lotions, moisturizers, face packs, toners and other such things on the shelves that are especially designed for rejuvenating your skin. Some of them are found to be effective too, but it completely depends on your skin type. However, we have a magical skin anti aging treatment that will be beneficial for all skin types, but only if done continuously and properly.

We call this magic as yoga. You might have heard about different yoga poses curing various physical as well as mental ailments. Today, we will let you know about a few yogasanas (yoga poses), which can be used as an anti aging skin treatment to get a glowing, youthful skin.

Long deep Breathing (Pranayam):

Getting control over your breath is the basis of yoga and every yoga posture or yogasana you perform shows the desired effect only when you breathe in properly. Long, deep breathing is a part of Pranayama where you are required to sit comfortably on the chair or ground with the back straight.

– Breathe in deeply, filling your lungs with fresh air.

/> – Then exhale deeply, emptying out your lungs completely while stretch in your body muscles.
– Repeat this pranayam for about 10 minutes twice a day.

This way fresh oxygen will reach all the body parts and the skin as well and will thus make it look young and beautiful.

Yoga Warm up Exercises:

The warm up exercises in yoga includes a set of exercises that will strengthen and stretch your body parts. Here you will be guide about the most basic of all.

– Stand up straight putting your toes together and knees a little bent with the arms relaxed on the sides.
– Start rotating your shoulders inside out for 20 times and then in the opposite way again for 20 times.
– Looking straight, take a few deep breathes.
– Breathe in and stretch your arms above with palms facing outward.
– Exhale out bending forward with your knees as straight as possible and your hands touching your feet.
– Hold for about 15 seconds and repeat the process 3-5 times.

This will help the blood to circulate through out your body

and skin while a proper breathing enables the oxygen to circulate with blood helping the new skin cells to regenerate.

Headstand (Shirshasana):

Although a tough pose, the headstand or shirshasana. if done perfectly can help in maintaining a healthy glow on your face.

– Sit in kneel down position on the floor.
– Take few normal breaths and relax.
– Bring your hands in front of you in an interlock position and your elbows on the floor.
– Place your head between the interlocked palms and take a few breaths.
– Lift your hips and then your body like dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana).
– After you are perfectly balanced in this position, lift up your legs to balance your body completely on your head.
– After a minute or two come down by bending your knees and curl down as you went up.
– Still placing your head between your interlocked palms, take a few deep breaths and then release.

By performing the headstand your normal blood flow is reversed and the overall circulation of blood is improved. This yoga posture simulates facelift

by making the facial skin tight and free of wrinkles.

Calming and Stress relief:

As we know that stress is the main cause of wrinkles on our face. Well yoga has a cure for that too.

– Sit down comfortably, rub your palms together vigorously to warm them up.
– Then close your eyes and cover them with your warm palms.
– Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly.

Your eyes will feel relaxed with the warmth of your palms and the slow breathing will calm down the tensed and stretched muscles. Repeat this 3 times especially before sleeping.

All of the above ‘asanas’ can help in maintaining the youth of skin. However, the results can speed up if you use dermology anti aging cream along.