Eating Vegan Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult Anymore: 7 Tips To Stay A Happy, Healthy Vegan

Thinking about going vegan but hesitant about being up for the challenge? Practicing veganism does not have to be as difficult as you think it is, if you do things the right way. Eating vegan is not an impossible thing to do —and let’s not forget the physical, mental, and spiritual satisfaction veganism fills you with. The key to sustaining veganism is taking things slow. Here are some effective tips that would help you stay on track during your journey to veganism.

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1. Eliminate One Animal Product At A Time From Your Diet


You cannot wake up one fine day and turn over a new leaf. Every change comes gradually. Converting your normal diet into vegan overnight is going to be difficult to manage, not to mention unhealthy. Take baby steps. Shirk one animal food group at a time. You could start with giving up seafood and then slowly move on to other food groups like poultry, meat, and dairy. It might take you many weeks or months to get there —but you will eventually get there.

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2. Make Sure You Substitute Whatever You Eliminate


An important thing to keep in mind as you remove foods from your diet is substituting them with the right kind of vegan choices. Milk can be switched with a number of other choices like soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, nut milk, or oat milk. Similarly, you can switch cottage cheese with tofu, butter with margarine, mayonnaise with vegan mayo, and meat with veggie deli slices. Even chocolate and ice cream have their yummy vegan counterparts!

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3. Take Advantage Of The Modern Times


Since the world has come much beyond the Stone Age, you can take complete advantage of modern technology to make things more convenient. There are now online vegan food delivery sites, shopping chains, restaurants, food blogs, and vlogs that could make your life so much easier. For example, with Green Chef, you can order scrumptious vegan meal kits to be delivered right to your doorstep with easy-to-cook instructions and pre-measured, organic ingredients! You won’t have to worry about messing up your culinary experiments anymore.

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4. Do Not Miss Out On Essential Nutrients


Since animal foods act as a major source of protein and other essential minerals, a sudden absence of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy from your diet means you will have to be extra careful about getting all your required nutrients. The key is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and substitute whatever you cannot acquire from plant foods with vitamin supplements. B12 deficiency is something many vegans face due to the fact that it is present only in animal sources of food. Other deficiencies include that of creatine, carnosine, sulfur, taurine, vitamin D3, heme-iron, and animal-based omega-3 DHA.

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5. Make Quinoa A Part Of Your Life


If white rice has been your favorite grain till now, it is time to make some changes in that department. Yes, rice is healthy, but quinoa is healthier. Quinoa happens to be one of the richest sources of protein for vegans and also the tastiest. It makes you feel full for a long time, preventing you from overeating. Quinoa can be consumed in many ways- along with your salads, pasta, porridge, burritos, or stir-fries. You could even go for vegan-chocolate-quinoa bars if you are on the lookout for healthy vegan treats.

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6. Keep Trying New Things


Think of your transformation as a whole new adventure. Explore new facets of the institution of veganism. You will be surprised at what all you will unearth. Keep experimenting with new ingredients and recipes. There is a whole universe packed with flavors, textures, aromas, and health benefits that is waiting for you out there. All you have to do is keep looking and learning. Green Chef can help you out a great deal with finding unique recipes and healthy, fresh produce.

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7. Think Of The Bigger Picture When Things Get Tough


We would never say things would always be easy. There will be days when you find it difficult to carry forward with your decision to stay vegan. Take a deep breath and think of why you took this decision in the first place. Think about the changes veganism has brought about in your life—it has turned you into a kinder, more patient, and compassionate person. It allows you to proudly proclaim to the world that you are a true animal lover, that you value their life just as much. Just imagine, every vegan saves 198 animals per year with his/her determination and passion for preserving life. Now, if that isn’t a great achievement, then we don’t know what is!

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