More Than Calories: A Diet Built Around You!

With weight loss, we mostly talk about multiple key factors in gaining or losing weight and not just about calories. Does this mean calories are not that important? Is it impossible to regulate our weight with just reduced calorie intake?

There are two main reasons why we talk about a multitude of weight gain contributors:

  1. Most people have more than one factor contributing to their excess weight. We’ve been incorrectly told for years that weight loss just comes down to eating less and moving more. Just reducing our calorie intake and exercising more won’t work. I mean, that might work in our teen years or maybe even into our 20s. But as we get older and the imbalances we harbor become more prominent, calorie restriction on its own is increasingly unlikely to be effective. Because with age, our bodies are less likely to just bounce back from our true imbalances. And there are many more factors besides calories that contribute to excess weight.
  2. Our imbalances tend to be individualized. This means that what you really need to be successful is not what your best friend needs. There are many reasons that your body can be storing excess fat. Some are emotional and some are physical. And we must get to the bottom of what you personally need for success.

A Bevy of Options

My job is to give you the options. To tell you what can be creating a problem. There are certain factors that affect almost everyone. But the reasons for your weight gain are specific to you. Ultimately, it is important to increase your understanding of your own body. It is your duty to be really truthful with yourself; to listen to what your body has to say; to discover which aspects I talk about resonate with you.

There Is No Road Map

We want the answers to be easy. But there isn’t any single test that will tell you precisely what your body needs. You’ll need to go through a level of experimentation. Trial and error is invaluable. But with persistence, you can come to a greater understanding of your own body, and this knowledge is golden.


Just counting calories is haphazard. You can count your calories for a month, six months, or even a year. But can you count forever? It is a flawed system. Here is why the calorie counting theory doesn’t make sense.

If you go over by 25 calories a day for a year (the amount of calories in a lifesaver), you’ll gain 3 pounds every year or 30 pounds every decade. If you go under by 25 calories every day for a year once you hit your target weight, you’ll become dangerously emaciated after a few years. Obviously, we can’t eat EXACTLY the right amount of calories. But could one extra lifesaver a day lead to obesity? That doesn’t make sense, does it?


We have to look at factors other than calories to find the true culprit(s). These factors are based solely on you.

Let Go of Your Obsession With Calories

I know it feels scary at first, but calorie counting isn’t your friend. It might have brought you temporary results in the past or during your younger years, but trust me when I say that calories alone aren’t sabotaging your waistline.


While calorie counting might make you feel in control, it isn’t really giving you control over your body. In fact, it is doing the opposite.

  • Calorie counting can lead to food obsession.
  • It can lead to unhealthy binging.
  • It can lead to feelings of food deprivation, leading to emotional eating.
  • It messes with your metabolism.

Be Patient With Yourself

Take the time to really explore YOU. Find out why your body is reacting the way it is. Focus on healing, not on simply depriving. This method may take a little longer. It might not feel instantly rewarding. But it is much more likely to bring you long-term success. And that is definitely something worth waiting for.