7 Tips To Eat Healthy At A Fast Food Joint

How To Eat Healthy At A Fast Food Joint)

In a perfect world, we’d wake up early every morning and prepare ourselves healthy, wholesome meals for the day ahead. While most of us strive to stick to this as much as possible, a few slip-ups are inevitable. Sometimes we’re just too busy to prepare a salad and grill some chicken. Fast food joints are often our go-to solution when we don’t have time to cook for ourselves. However, most items on the menu are also a minefield of unhealthy fats and empty calories. You don’t always have to be wracked with feelings of guilt after a trip to McDonald’s though. Even in the greasiest of dens, there’s always a way to stay healthy.

1. Look Through The Entire Menu

Look For A Salad Or Wrap)

Fast food joints are quick to cash in on the latest trends, so take advantage of this. With our ever-growing obsession over healthy eating, most fast food chains have introduced healthy items on their menus. Few places today

don’t at least have a token salad on their list of offerings. Instead of going in and ordering your regular burger and fries, take time to scan the whole menu. You’ll almost certainly find a comparatively healthy item in it.

2. Always Choose Grilled Over Fried

Grilled Food Has Less Harmful Fats)

Fried foods are almost synonymous with fast food joints, but you don’t have to give into it. Fried foods are high in trans fats which your body cannot utilize. They also spike your blood sugar and raise your cholesterol levels. In short, you don’t want them anywhere near you. An alternative to fried food is the healthier grilled version. Most places with fried chicken on their menu also have grilled chicken. You can also choose a grilled sandwich instead of a fried one. Grilling involves a lot less oil and it is far healthier for you.

3. Be Wary Of Salad Dressings

Ask For A Healthy Salad Dressing
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Even a seemingly healthy salad can be made fatty if it’s drenched in creamy dressing. If you’re ordering a salad at a fast food joint, always make it a point to ask them what dressing they’re using. If it’s a fatty dressing like mayo or ranch, ask for healthier options like a simple vinaigrette. If they don’t have a healthy dressing available, forego the dressing completely or ask them to put it on the side. When the dressing is separate from the rest of the salad, you can control how much of it you want to add.

4. Control Your Portions

Stick To A Small Or Medium Portion)

It can be tempting to say yes when you’re asked if you want to supersize your meal, but restrain yourself. American meal sizes are notorious for being huge compared to their European counterparts. Don’t go for the biggest portion size

no matter how hungry you are, you won’t need that much to feel full. Always ask for a small portion, or worst case, medium. This will satisfy your hunger while at the same time, ensuring you don’t eat more calories than you actually need.

5. Rethink The Meal Option

Get Only One Item)

Fast food joints lump burgers, fries and a soda together to increase their sales. We’ve become so used to asking for these three things together, that we often don’t pay much attention to it. However, the next time you go to a fast food joint, ask for just one item instead of the whole combo. You don’t need soda, you can just drink water. You don’t need fries because you’ll still feel full after a burger or sandwich.

6. Choose Chicken Over Beef

Chicken Is Leaner Than Beef

When you’re getting a burger or sandwich,

always choose the chicken variant over beef. Beef is very fattening and red meat increases your risk for cancer and heart disease. Chicken by far is a healthier option because it’s a lean protein and has very little fat. However, eating a box of chicken nuggets doesn’t have the same benefits, so don’t feel tempted.

7. Compensate During Other Meals

Eat Healthier The Rest Of The Day)

If you caved and ate junk food for lunch, try to offset it by eating healthy meals the rest of the day. A burger for lunch won’t be as bad for you if you eat a salad for dinner. Fast food once in awhile won’t harm you if you follow a healthy lifestyle otherwise. So make sure your trips to fast food joints are a rare treat, not a regular habit.