5 Easy Ways To Building Your Self-Confidence

Well… who do you think you are? Because your answer to this question plays a huge role in your life, every-single-day. The way you think about yourself, the way you talk to yourself.

It’s no secret that the pressure to be ‘a pretty face’ in our society is astounding. It is one of the most overwhelming feelings I have ever felt as a woman. It comes from all sides evenly, men and women.


Constantly setting the standard bar extremely high, while ignoring a huge truth and fact of life: inner beauty is so much more important.

Banish Destructive Self-Talk

Confidence comes when, as a woman, you begin to realize how much more you have to offer the people in your life. When “pretty” becomes obsolete, your true self shines.


It’s a wonderful thing to feel beautiful. It’s even more wonderful to realize that your beauty comes from more than one place. And the best kind of beauty has nothing to do with your outer appearance.

I see a lot of online coaches offering to teach women how to be confident. “How to rock those heels” and “how to turn all the heads in the room.”


What a rip off. Shallow confidence, or what I like to call ‘having a good hair day’ doesn’t last long and it isn’t a totally fulfilling feeling anyway. It’s nice to have a good hair day but that’s all it is.

Real, lasting confidence is different. It’s when you master the ability to look at yourself and see with clear eyes exactly who you are. Good hair or no hair. Period.


There is so much noise on the internet about confidence. But a lot of it is just that, noise. I’ve been there and kicked the habit of self-destructive talk. If you want to start building your confidence for real, no bullshit, check out my 5-easy tips to start right now.

Without confidence, life will continue to pass you by. Missed opportunities, fear of taking risks, unnecessary anxiety, poor relationship choices, unexplainable anger, and destructive behaviors. These are all symptoms of a lack of confidence.


Stop wasting your time. Start taking control of your life and how you want to live it.

5 Easy Ways To Build Your Confidence Right Now

1. Quit The Negative Talk

When that voice in your head is being a jerk, stop it as soon as it begins. Make a habit out of this and your internal monologue will work with you instead of against you. Be as nice to yourself as you are to others. Try this!!


2. Take Care Of Yourself

Set aside 15-minutes a day to do something for you. Whether it is a hot shower, a blow-out, some fresh nail polish, a face mask, a run, some yoga … how you feel on the outside has a definite affect on how you feel on the inside.

Show yourself some love and marvel at the change you see and feel. Don’t forget to put your daily time out on your calendar. You are way more likely to follow through.


3. Smile

A LOT. As often as you can. As many smiles as you can fit into a day. There’s some serious science behind this. Trust me. I’m not a doctor but I read a lot of books by doctor’s … close enough.

A good way to build this habit is to try to smile at every single person you see. Put a reminder on your mirror so it’s fresh in your mind first thing in the morning!

4. Limit Your Online Exposure

For a million reasons. It doesn’t help your cause to constantly fill your head with photoshopped, overly-posed photos that make you feel like you don’t measure up. It isn’t real. You are.

5. Stand Tall

This is soo worth 30-seconds! Watch and pose away.