7 Times An Easy Pregnancy Could Turn Into A Difficult Labor

If you have believed in the pregnancy superstitions and the folk wisdom from your older relatives, it’s time to you ignore. Beliefs like carrying low is a sign that it’s a girl or long walks would induce labor could probably fool you!

Here are some stories where an easy pregnancy turned into difficult labor. You have no clue how your labor would progress unless you have a complicated pregnancy.


7 Times An Easy Pregnancy Could Turn Into A Difficult Labor

1. Long Hours Of Labor

Your pregnancy wouldn’t have to necessarily predict the outcome of the labor. All through pregnancy, it might be a cakewalk, but the labor would end traumatically. Imagine a labor to be more than 48 hours! Broken tailbones are quite rare but can happen when the pressure of your baby is too strong in the birth canal. A bruise, dislocation, or break in the tailbone can make things worse. Vacuum-assisted delivery is another trauma. If you are against epidural, Pitocin, or a vacuum-assisted delivery, long labor hours is something you have to endure.

2. Preterm Labor

A picture perfect pregnancy turning into a nightmare is possible. Instantaneously, yes! If you go into an early or a preterm labor than the actual date, the baby would have to be placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The labor can turn everything down in just a blink of an eye. You might even go into sudden shock which might prove fatal. All these risks would make you apprehensive about having another baby.


3. Unthinkable Labor

The journey of pregnancy is full of mysteries. If you have had an easy breezy pregnancy, it doesn’t guarantee you that the labor would be easy too. The unthinkable labor like cord around the neck, baby not descending properly which might lead to fetal distress would put you through hell. Just pray that the pregnancy and labor are going to be fine and be positive always.

4. Stubborn Labor

Each pregnancy and each labor are totally different. A really easy pregnancy can make the labor very difficult. Your water can break and the contractions can stop midway. Your contractions can only be on your back and end you up in labor for more than 24 hours which may not progress further. The ultimate solution is to rush for an emergency C-section when you are having a stubborn labor.


5. Labor Leading To Coma

How tragic would it be? A normal pregnancy can lead to excruciating pain in the pelvis and stomach. This could be the womb beginning to bust because the placenta keeps growing into it, filling it with blood. What a trauma? You could go into a coma before you even realize. Things can get awful and unimaginable.

6. Placental Abruption

Not a pretty thing to go through! It can happen and blood transfusion would be needed to keep you alive. Although these horror labors are rare, you need to have a watchful eye when you go to the bathroom to pee. Anything wet may not always be pee or amniotic fluid. If it turns out to be blood it could be a dangerous situation.


7. Mom And Baby In Danger

It doesn’t matter if your pregnancy is smooth or challenging, every single thing would make you worry when it comes to labor. Ending up in a serious emergency situation is not any mom would even dream of. Problems with the placenta or, even pre-eclampsia could make your labor a horror story.

Be positive and face the D day with more confidence. It is good to be prepared for the worse but do not worry. Preparation is the key and learning to cope well in an emergency would make you strong!