Easy 3-Ingredient Lunches You Can Even Make At Your Workplace

You can easily make healthy lunches at your workplace.

Not everyone likes spending time in the kitchen. Thanks to our busy and hectic schedules, we don’t even have healthy meals as work. Some of us who love cooking would even readily agree to the fact that we all love to get a handmade meal packed for lunch, click pictures with it and even post it on our social media pages to show it off. However, all we end up doing is grab a quick meal at the local deli or reach for a delivery menu. In this way, we often end up eating unhealthy food as well. In such situations we can help ourselves by making easy and healthy lunches at work that would help us stay satiated as well. We can cut down on the cost of calories and also, save on those lunch deliveries made at the workplace.

Even during the busiest schedules, these 3-ingredient meals will make for a easy, healthy, and delicious meal at work. All we must do is grab three ingredients on our way to work and make a nutritious lunch within a few minutes. To start with, take a look at these five dishes and learn what all needs to be done.

1. Chicken Breast With Cabbage And Avocado

(Chicken breast with shredded cabbage and avocado dressing makes a salad.

While you are getting ready for work, it is obvious you might not find enough time to chop lettuce and make a healthy salad. So, just grab some pre-packaged shredded cabbage from the grocery store on your way. Take a few pieces of chicken from last night’s dinner for a dose of protein and some avocado for the necessary, creamy dressing. Not only will this alternative to coleslaw look amazing, it will be healthy for your stomach and quite satiating for your taste buds as well.

2. Chicken Breast With Whole Wheat Pasta And Spinach

Have whole wheat pasta with chicken breast and spinach for a healthy lunch

When you have pasta for dinner, make it a habit that you leave some for next day’s lunch as well. Leftover pasta can help you make a delicious, Italian-inspired dish right at your workplace. All you need is some grilled chicken breast and a few spinach leaves with it. Keep a bottle of light Italian dressing in the fridge at work to enhance the flavor of the pasta. Add just a teaspoon of the dressing to your pasta and lunch is ready within minutes!

3. Baked Potato With Beans And Salsa

Baked potato can be topped with beans and salsa for a filling lunch at work.)

Potatoes are considered to be an unhealthy vegetable in many healthy recipes due to its high amount of starch. However, this starchy veggie is not that bad at all. A medium-sized potato is actually packed with 5-6 grams of protein and 4-6 grams of fiber as well, and it is also quite filling for the stomach during lunchtime. Take some cooked beans and salsa from last night’s meal along with a potato to work. During lunchtime, pierce the top of the potato with a knife several times and microwave it on high for about seven minutes. Take it out when it’s cooked, slice it down from the middle, and top it with some beans and salsa. Get ready to dig in immediately!

4. Whole Wheat Bread With Tuna And Low-Fat Cheese

Toast the bread, top with with the tuna and cheese like a bruschetta

If you are habituated to having the tuna melt at the local deli, here is a much cheaper, healthier, and easier alternative to that regular tuna melt. All you need to do is grab a whole wheat bread, a tuna can, and a few slices of low-fat cheese on your way to work. During lunchtime, just toast the whole-wheat bread, top it with the tuna and low-fat cheese slices, and microwave it for 30 seconds for the cheese to melt. A delicious alternative to bruschetta is ready within just minutes!

5. Whole Wheat Tortilla With Mixed Veggies And Low-Fat Cheese

A tortilla with veggies and cheese can fill you up immediately.)

Pack a few vegetables of your choice to work, and any veggie works for this tasty meal. Grab a whole-wheat tortilla and low-fat cheese slices when you are out the door. At work, place the tortilla, layer all the veggies and a couple of cheese slices on it, fold the tortilla, and microwave it for just 30 seconds. You will have a healthy and drool-worthy quesadilla ready for lunch.

With these amazing, easy, and healthy lunch ideas, you will not just keep yourself full and satiated, but cut down on calories and your lunch delivery fee as well.