7 Easy, Ageless Exercises You Should Do Every Day

7 Easy, Ageless Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Physical fitness is important because not only does it keep your body fit and healthy but also clears your mind and gives you energy that will help you face your tasks for the day. For some people, a fitness routine is like the air they breathe while for others, it is a challenge to overcome every day.

Whatever category you belong to, there is always a limit to how much you can work out when you grow older. Therefore, as you age, when you find it difficult to perform the usual exercises, you might put an end to this fitness routine. However, there are a few exercises that you can practice irrespective of age.


Here is a list of a few exercises that you can continue for the rest of your life. These exercises can help even if you are relatively new to the fitness world.

1. Walking

Walking Is An Exercise You Can Do Even When You Grow Old


If you are just beginning a fitness routine, walking is one of the best exercises to start with. It requires minimal athletic ability, puts very little stress on your body, involves no risk, and is suitable for people belonging to all age groups. Walking for 2.5 hours a week can cut down your risk of cardiovascular diseases by 30 percent.1 In addition, it can also regulate your blood pressure keeping your heart healthy, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and can also improve your moods. So, keep walking toward better health irrespective of your age.

2. Running

Running Is An Ageless Exercise


When walking gets too boring for you, speed things up a bit and start running. Running is yet another easy exercise that can benefit your body. It is good for your heart, muscles, and overall physique. If a trim waistline is what you need, running can do the job. Not only can running improve your physical health it can improve mental health, too. Studies have shown that running can fight depression.2 Running can also produce mood-regulating chemicals like serotonin and dopamine that can enhance your moods, helping you manage your stress levels. As you grow older, you may want to keep a check on your pace so you don’t get your body too tired easily.

3. Squats

Squats Can Improve Posture


If you like to do your exercises without an equipment, then along with walking and running, you should also try squats. Squats have a lot more benefits than just toning your lower body. It works your core muscles including the abdomen and back muscles. Squats can improve your posture and also aid better digestion. If weight loss is a concern for you, squats can help you burn your excess body fat, too. So, start with the basic squats and try some variations of it if you are easily bored.

4. Swimming

Swimming Is An Ageless Exercise


For those who love the water, swimming can be a perfect exercise to stay fit. Swimming can definitely burn calories but it can do much more than just help you lose weight. Swimming can build your muscle strength, make your body more flexible, strengthens the heart muscles, and can also improve your moods. Sometimes, just floating in the pool can help you de-stress your mind from all the stress you had to deal with during the day. So, maintain your body’s flexibility even when you grow old with swimming.

5. Push-Ups

Push-Ups Improve Your Muscle Strength


Push-ups are easy basic workouts that can improve your muscle strength and tone your body. This is a not-so-difficult exercise you can make possible even when you grow old. Even though the push-ups specifically work your shoulders, chest, and arm muscles, you can tone other muscles by making some variations to them. Push-ups are perfect for all age groups, just make sure you do them the right way.

6. Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups Improve Your Muscle Strength


Don’t think push this exercise away because you think it is old school. Pull-ups are exercises that require you to pull your entire body weight up – holding onto a bar placed above your head and bringing your chin above it. This exercise builds strength in your trunk, shoulders, arms, hand, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles. So, pull yourself up now so you have the strength do it even when you are older.

7. Planks

Planks Improve Your Balance And Posture

The plank is more than just an ab exercise. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, this exercise is perfect for you because it improves balance and posture and may also help ease lower back pain. It can strengthen your core muscles, arms, neck, back, hips, and legs. When done right, you can carry out daily activities better. Try some of the plank variations if you want to challenge yourself.

So, make a note of these easy yet effective exercises that you should add to your fitness routine. If you don’t have one yet, make one now. These help you stay physically active even during old age. Practice these exercises every day and strengthen your muscles. When you grow old, take up that push-up challenge with your grandchildren and show them what you got!