Easily Stressed? Check If You Relate To These 9 Signs Of Being A Highly Sensitive Person

Does A Song You Love Give You Goosebumps Or Send A Shiver Down Your Spine?
Does Stress Get To You So Much That You Want To Just Rage Or Cry Curled Up In A Ball?
Do You Ever Feel Like Crumbling When Someone Criticizes You?
Or Do You Easily Sense When Someone Who Appears Pleasant Has Ill-Intentions?
Well, besides being a seeming Jedi, you may officially dub yourself a highly sensitive person, noticing little things that almost everyone misses and succumbing to the daily frustrations of life because everything acts as a potential stimulant. Before considering yourself weak, or thinking that there is something seriously wrong with you, rethink that notion after reading a few of these (possibly) relatable signs.1


Absorbing Rhythms And Creative Visuals Like A Sponge

They’re usually lovers of stimulating arts and good music, which move them and or gets them sentimental about it, feeling like they sense what it could

be expressing. So, places like an art gallery, museum, a symphony orchestra and the like could even move them to tears or inspire a range of creative ideas in them. This is because their brains are wired in such a way that they feel much more and they will have a flow of expressions and perspectives to discuss even during an event that stimulates them.

Too Much, Too Much To Do

They are easily overwhelmed and stressed when they have a list of many things to do, with even a handful of things to do in a day, they may even find it difficult to systematically do what needs to be done because they are thinking of all the other things they need to do. This makes them susceptible to stress more than most and they get mentally drained from all that worrying and stressing, which makes concentrating on the task at hand difficult.


Heightened Observational Powers

They are very innate observers of people’s

behaviors, body language and even when someone is feeling uneasy. As highly functioning empaths, their sensory organs notice even minor changes in someone’s look, if they feel a little cold, and the like. This makes them great healers and friends because they always want to change things to suit everybody or even one person so they can feel comfortable.

Lots Of Disturbances AND In Small Spaces

They are usually easily affected by violent or disturbing visuals, and even loud noises whether it’s from movies with too much gore, annoying gaming noises, heavy-metal songs screeching and the like. This also counts for getting easily disturbed by loud places like concerts or those loud live music shows in small cramped pubs. They prefer open airy places with space to move around. Any loud noises will be an overload for their sensory input, so that’s a definite cringe to traffic noises, screaming or shouting, and the like, all of which are everywhere in this world.

Happy Not Being Noticed Too Much

With an utter dislike of being the center of attention, being put under extremely stressful or

pressure-cooker situations such as having to make a presentation. Most of their emotional energy goes to wondering if they will screw up or make a mistake or embarrass themselves, going into nervous mental states the second all attention is on them. This is one reason why they fare well in solo projects rather than team ones.


Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Yes, they get easily affected by a lack of food and get hangry or easily irritated, too much caffeine could make them hyper, having physical pain can make it hard for them to focus if they’re in too much pain.

Some Total Alone-Time To Recover

After all that happening in a day, these highly sensitive folks need to just go and enjoy their space with no source of stimuli, so they can refresh and be energized to face the world that is not made for them, all over again. This is not a trait they need fixed but they have amazing qualities because they

have a sense of depth which enables them to notice key aspects, tiny changes, but they still need to go home, sit and enjoy some alone time in a quiet room for some peace and regain their mental space after clearing the noises of the world from their mind.

Thanks to Elaine Aron, a psychologist who observed and tried to explore this quality for 25 years, and author Amy Morin, we now know that close to 15 to 20 % of people are highly sensitive and have brains that work very differently as they tend to comprehend and process things deeper than most.