Do’s And Don’ts For A Happy Retail Therapy You Need To Know

We all have a solution to mend our broken heart and hurt feelings, we go online and make new friends, we go offline and party, or we go out for shopping! Studies show that retail therapy really works when it comes to cheering yourself up when you’re emotionally down. The comfort is temporary, as you go and buy things to your heart’s content. But what happens when the credit card bill arrives with exorbitant numbers? Do you still feel happy and cheerful? The solution is to buy something which holds three times more value when you’re on a shopping spree, or invest somewhere you’ll reap great results. Here are some tips to make your emotional shopping guilt-free.

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1. Invest In A Fitness Regime


Join a gym or a Yoga class now. If you’ve had a bad break-up, revenge body is in order. If you were fired from your job, or have stress at home, Yoga and other exercises will help you relax and boost happy hormones to your brain. If you love dancing, and were not able to find enough motivation, here is your chance to enroll for a class and shake that booty.


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2. Get Stuff For Your House



A new jar of scented candles, some origami wall hangings, posters for your room, new cushions for the sofa, etc. The things that were pending in your shopping list for the house, it’s a good time to check them all off.

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3. Go Out Somewhere


Had a heart-break, pack your bags and go somewhere. Travelling is the best way for change of place, mood, and scenario. Travelling helps you meet new people, see new places, and you will come home with a refreshed and rejuvenated perspective about things in life.


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4. Shop Some Gifts



You can buy some things for your loved ones to show how much they mean to you. These people will stick with you in your difficult times. If you go on a retail therapy during the holiday season, you will save a lot of money and stress over what to buy for your friends and relatives.

When people think of “retail therapy”, they think of movies, entertainment, amusement parks, and rejuvenation. These things are usually on the top of your list. Retail therapy gives your mind a mini vacation which helps it cope with blues. However, in order to not regret your indulgence, here are few things you should never put on your shopping list.


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5. Junk Food


Tubs of ice-cream, nachos, dips, alcohol, and pizza should never be in your list of retail therapy. You don’t want to pack on some pounds by the time you come out of your sadness, do you?

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6. Lots Of Clothes


This will sting you hard later. In your sadness, you might end up buying clothes which you may never want to, or dare to, wear in future. You can indulge in window shopping, pick a dress or two which you can wear and go out, and save yourself from feeling guilty later.

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7. A Pet


You might seem to love the idea of having a little pooch in your house, but keeping a pet at home is a serious responsibility. Don’t run into a pet shop in your sadness and get anything home. You might not be able to look after it when you have a 9-5 job, especially when you’re living alone. Leaving a pet alone at home could add to your distress. Imagine coming home to a smell of poop and sight of torn cushions! Not good, right?

Studies show that 52% Americans indulge in emotional retail therapy to beat their blues. But studies also show that retail therapy works only when you shop wise. Next time when you’re in a mood of splurging, make sure you remember these do’s and don’ts well.