Dos & Don’ts for 8th Month Pregnancy Care

Are you feeling breathless, annoyed, nervous and emotional? Welcome to the eighth month of pregnancy. Your body has transformed a lot while nurturing the baby. And now, you need to keep the body fit and fine for the upcoming birth. Here are a few things that you need to take care of during the eight month.

1. Breathing Exercises


As you enter the eighth month, the uterus is placing pressure on your diaphragm. Thus, you will start feeling short of breath. Breathing exercises will help you sail through this. It will enhance the oxygen intake and improve your circulation. To stay calm and peaceful, practice breathing exercises regularly.

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2. Kegel Exercises


Strong pelvic muscles are vital for a vaginal birth. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles and equip your body to do the stretching needed during labor.

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3. Drink Fluids

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The golden rule of pregnancy is to stay hydrated. This holds true throughout your pregnancy. Several health issues like heartburn and constipation can be averted by this.

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4. Right Posture


As your pregnancy progresses, you face difficulties in moving around and sleeping. By maintaining the right posture, you can address the issue. Sleep on your left side. Use pregnancy pillows as it supports your body. Sit straight with a good back support, thereby, avoiding pressure on your sciatic nerve.

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5. Socialize


An expectant mother feels comforted when she shares and takes lessons from other mothers. Prepare for childbirth with prenatal classes and breastfeeding workshops. This is an opportunity to talk about the concerns of parenthood and get your questions answered. Meeting other moms-to-be during these sessions

will be an added advantage.

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6. Birth Plan


It’s high time you finalize a birth plan. Figure out every other aspect related to childbirth. Getting inputs from your medical team and other mothers who have gone through the experience recently will be useful to draw a perfect plan. However, be flexible. Remember, labor and delivery are beyond our control and sometimes we cannot stick to the plan.

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7. Nutritious Food


A healthy diet provides your baby all vital nutrients. Moreover, you need to get your body ready for labor. In the eighth month of pregnancy, it is difficult to have proper meals since the growing baby is squeezing your stomach and intestines. Develop a habit of eating small meals. Ensure that your diet contains calcium, iron, and protein. The fiber in fruits and vegetable will fight constipation, which may trouble you

at this time.

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8. Fitness


Your body is no more in your control and you feel the strain in moving around. This should not stop you from doing simple exercises. Consult your doctor and learn about workouts that are safe. Basic stretches and yoga are important to get your body ready for childbirth.

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9. Get Help


No more one-woman show. Be smart enough to delegate work to your friends and family as you are a few weeks away from the due date. At this time, you should be busy creating a birth plan and a baby nursery at home. Indulge in baby dreams, not household tasks.

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1. Unhealthy Food


Wipe off oily and spicy foods that accelerate heartburn from your menu.

As constipation intensifies for some women during this period, avoid foods that trigger it.

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2. Alcohol and Smoking


From the beginning of pregnancy, you might have to get rid of this. If you haven’t yet, avoid alcohol, drugs, and cigars for the baby. It harms your baby’s developing brain and other organs. Stay away from situations or places where you get tempted to drink. If it’s difficult, get help from a support group.

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3. Stress


Emotional and physical stress is on a rise towards the end of the pregnancy. But, it will affect your baby’s health if you get over anxious. Move away from hostile environments and people. Do not cultivate negative thoughts in your mind. Instead, divert and engage your mind in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

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Your journey through the eighth month of pregnancy will be

tiresome. However, you should remember that every week brings you one step closer to your little one. That is enough for you to keep going.