Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face With Cleansers Too Often

Your skin will look better if you do not use any cleanser.)

Splash water on your face often; there’s no harm. But do not use facial cleansers often. Learn to say no to soaps, face washes, face cleansers, and face masks. You will benefit your skin that way. True that it might sound tad bit weird, but it’s absolutely true that cleansers can do bad to your skin. People are divided on the question of not using face cleansers. While some are against it due to our face being exposed to a lot of bacteria and pollutants all day, some others are ready to lay off their face cleansers.

Cleansers can surely remove oil and dirt from the skin but if the wrong cleanser is used, it can negatively impact the skin. Unless the face is visibly dirty or completely painted with heavy cosmetics, using a face cleanser is unnecessary. In fact, your skin health depends on many factors such as genetics, skin type, age, hormone, activity levels, and the environment. This is why it is difficult to say if one cleansing routine would affect all of us equally. To answer the question whether you must or must not lather, you must know why ditching your cleanser is necessary to benefit your skin.

1. To Retain Moisture

Water does not let our skin dry out completely and hydration helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When you wash your face and use cleansers, the moisture goes away completely, which is not healthy for the skin. In such cases, rinse your face with warm water to reduce the oils and lift the buildup and dead skin cells. This is applicable for people who wear no makeup and have a comparatively dry skin.

2. Cleansers Irritate Your Skin

The cleanser you used in your 20s might not work well in your 30s. Instead, it might just dry out the skin too much. If you notice that your skin is getting drier than earlier, it’s time to do off with the cleanser. By the time we hit 30, our bodies start producing less oil and our skin becomes more prone to dryness.

3. Over-Exfoliating Is Not Harmful

When you hit 30, the natural process of exfoliation slows down and the skin starts to look dull. This is why only warm or cool water can be used to remove the dead skin cells and keep the skin radiant. If you want to feel clean, use a scrub or just exfoliate. This will help in stripping the lipids and keep the skin’s barrier intact.

4. Your Skin Too Needs A Break

Sometimes, your skin just needs a vacation. The face tends to become dry from the overuse of facial products and anti-aging products such as retinol. Overuse of cleansers also develops skin care conditions such as eczema. The dryness and other conditions can be well-prevented by washing the face with only water once daily. This will help the skin maintain the necessary oil content and help you prevent it from drying.

5. Stop Using Unnecessary Products

It has been found that some people are genetically not predisposed to breakouts in the skin or their skin just produces less oil. These people, when they stop using their face cleanser, will always find their skin look better. Unnecessary products will only deplete the moisture in their skin.

However, you must always follow what works best for you. If you are always exposed to dust and pollution, using a cleanser at night and only warm water in the morning is the best way to clean your face. However, dry skin does not often need to be cleaned with cleansers. Only water is enough to remove any dust from the skin. If you prefer to simply use water and no cleanser, remember that you are not harming your skin in any way. So, check what suits you best and do what’s best for you.