5 Ways To Not Let Stress Ruin Your Sex Life

Don't Let Stress Ruin Your Sex Life

12-hour workdays, a mountain of deadlines and an unsympathetic boss aren’t exactly the biggest turn-ons. Unsurprisingly, research has discovered that the biggest reason why people seem to lose their libido is because their stress levels are through the roof. When your mind is distracted with other more pressing concerns, your body will take much longer to become aroused. The other reason for why sex and stress don’t go hand-in-hand is because when the stress hormone cortisol floods your system, your body cannot get sexually aroused. Yet, one of the most effective ways to reduce your stress levels is to have sex. So how do you keep your engines running when you feel so drained? Here are five strategies that might help.

1. Exercise Your Stress Away


Adding exercise to your already busy schedule might sound daunting, but it’s worth it. Exercise counters cortisol by giving you an endorphin rush. This immediately reduces your stress levels and puts you in a much better mindspace for sex. Exercise also improves blood circulation, especially to your genitals which can heighten your arousal. As an added bonus, exercising regularly can improve your body image and make you feel sexier. If you’re not a fan of sweating it out at the gym, try yoga. In many ways, it’s much more effective at reducing stress and improving blood flow.

2. Schedule A Dirty Date

Make Time In Your Week For Sex

One of the sad realities of adult life is that you can’t be as spontaneous as you once were. If you want to improve your sex life, you’ve got to put in some extra effort. Scheduling a particular day for sex might not sound romantic, but it works wonders. Coming home from a tiring day at work is no one’s idea of foreplay. Instead, when you’re already prepared for a date night with your partner, you can get into the mood much easier. Buying a new outfit, trying on sexy lingerie and getting all made up heightens anticipation which in turn, increases arousal. You’ll also be able to spend some quality time alone with your partner and deepen the bond you share with them.

3. Take Turns Massaging Each Other

 Massaging Increases Intimacy

Massages are perfect for the overly-stressed couple because they work in two ways. A good massage can relax your muscles and get blood flowing, which can make you less stressed. But the skin-to-skin contact that massaging requires play a huge role in increasing intimacy. You don’t have to feel mentally aroused first to get into the mood, it also works the other way. Once your body starts responding physiologically, your desire gradually builds. What started out as an innocent massage can soon get a little more steamy.

4. Start Using A Lubricant

Lubricant Can Make Sex Less Painful

Sometimes, even when you’re in the mood for sex, your body betrays you. For most women, their sexual responses are very closely linked to their mental state. When you’re stressed, your body won’t self-lubricate which might make sex more painful. If you’ve never used a lubricant before, it’s time to start now. Choose a water-based lube which feels a lot more natural and is much easier to clean up. Lube can immediately spice things up for both of you and do wonders for your sex life. Try it once and you’ll be a convert for life.

5. Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

 Remove All Distractions From Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the one space in your life where other distractions cannot enter. If your bedroom is cluttered, you’re going to find it a lot harder to get into the mood. The first thing you need to do is remove any old magazines, books or knick-knacks that are piling up on your nightstands. If you have that one chair which is always buried with clothes, it’s time to tackle it. TVs are one of the worst distractions and they certainly don’t belong in your bedroom. If you do have a TV, move it to another room. Decorate your room with soft colors and fabrics which can instantly make you feel calmer.Soon, you’ll leave your worries behind as soon as you enter your bedroom.