Does Eating Two Breakfasts Help You Lose Weight?

Does Eating Two Breakfasts Help You Lose Weight?

Wondering how to get rid of those few extra pounds you’ve been trying to lose for a while? You’re in for a sweet surprise. Having two breakfasts might actually aid this process! Want to know how? Read on.

Does Having Two Breakfasts Aid Weight Loss?

Two Breakfasts Give You Enough Energy For Most Of Your Day, Aiding Weight Loss

Breakfast is, without a doubt, the most important meal of the day. While a good, nutritious breakfast is important to help you get through the day, two breakfasts might actually do you more good. How? It’s pretty simple. Because you’re likely to be more active at the beginning of the day, eating two breakfasts is likely to help satiate your need for energy during this time.

Two breakfasts will keep you full for a long time, preventing you from binging at lunch or dinner time when it’s twice as hard to burn off calories. This will naturally reduce the amount of excess food you eat, aiding weight loss.

Here’s some recent research that proves this.

Recent Research Proving Two Breakfasts Aid Weight Loss

A study was recently conducted by the Community Alliance for Research and Engagement at the Yale School of Public Health and the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut. It involved the analysis of breakfast patterns of school children who were given breakfast at school, some of whom ate breakfast at home as well. The reason for the study was the possibility of an increased risk of unhealthy weight gain in those kids eating two breakfasts.

584 middle school students from 12 schools in a school district where breakfast and lunch are provided for free were subjects of this study. Researchers analyzed their breakfast locations and patterns in addition to their weight over a period of 2 years. The patterns were those who skipped breakfast frequently, those who ate breakfast inconsistently at school, those who ate breakfast inconsistently at home, those who ate breakfast frequently at school, those who ate breakfast frequently at home, and those who ate two breakfasts.


The study showed that those students who

skipped breakfast or had it inconsistently were more than twice as likely to be overweight or obese compared to those students who ate two breakfasts. Not just that, the weight changes of the students who ate two breakfasts were pretty much the same as the weight changes of the other students. This suggests that two breakfasts are indeed better than one.1

Tips For Your Two Breakfasts

Eat Cereal With Milk For Your First Breakfast And Oats With Greek Yogurt For The Second One

Begin your day by eating something small and light to give your metabolism the nudge that it needs after fasting for hours (when you’re asleep) following your previous meal – dinner.

You could follow this light breakfast up with a slightly larger meal – your second breakfast – after an hour or two. This will help you keep your lunch as light as possible and prevent you from overeating through the rest

of the day.

Here are tips for what to include in your two breakfasts.

Breakfast 1

While you might love to begin your day with a cup o’ joe, choose carbs instead. Don’t overload on the carbs though – ensure that the amount of carbs you include is just enough to get your metabolism going.

You could probably have a small bowl of high-fiber cereal – which will give you your healthy carbs – with some low-fat milk – which will give you your lean proteins. This combination is perfect because it gives you just the right amount of energy you need to start your day. If your breakfast is loaded with heavy carbs like maybe a stack of pancakes, your insulin levels will drop drastically and you’ll feel sleepier than ever.

Breakfast 2

You’re bound to feel hungry if you have a light first breakfast. While this is normal, it doesn’t mean you can indulge in the first thing you set your eyes on – definitely not a really sugary dessert.

Ensure that your second breakfast has a good amount of healthy protein and a lot of

fiber to keep you full for as long as possible, allowing weight loss. A small bowl of oats with Greek yogurt is a good idea for a second breakfast.

The two light, healthy breakfasts will keep you full until lunch time when you can have a small portion of food again.

Cautionary Note

The idea of a second breakfast is similar to that of a mid-morning snack – to simply snack on something. This means you should keep the portions of both your breakfasts as light as possible. You could also choose to split your first breakfast in half and eat it as two breakfasts to avoid overeating. This works well if you’re looking at eating a sandwich for breakfast.

So, start having two light breakfasts every day. It might just help you lose weight while you nourish yourself sufficiently.