Doctors Advise Us Not To Wear Flip-Flops Anymore For These 5 Persuasive Reasons

The game is afoot and flip-flops have been banned from it! Yes!

The easiest pair of footwear, that does not require bending down to tie or strap on, which comes in many pretty themes and colors, and is ideal for almost all occasions, may be one of the most dangerous things you wear, say a number of experts.

Just as easy as they are to wear, they also easily make us slip, misstep, trip, and do NOT support our bodies at all.

Here is more faux pas on your favorite footwear!


How Are Flip-Flops Failing You?

You probably don’t want to stop wearing your favorite pair of skull themed flip-flops, but at what cost are you going to keep wearing them?

1. It’s Not Oops, It’s The Flip-flops

Whether you are walking fast or even running in flip-flops, you have a higher chance of tripping or slipping because it has close to zero stability. In fact, doctors say that they see so many injuries and sprained ankles because people trip way easier when wearing flip-flops.

2. It’s Easy To Wear But Wears Out Your Joints And Lower Body Muscles

Starting from your feet and ankles, all the way to your shins and back, flip-flops start by causing minor aches to wreaking havoc on the rest of your body, if worn for more than a few hours. More serious injuries are just a misstep away including stress fractures, heel aches, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons in your feet), and even shin splints (a painful inflammation of the muscles around the shins). Extended usage of flip-flops can even cause plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot) because when walking on hard surfaces like side-walks all day a ligament in your foot is pulled constantly, because it is not supported by the flip-flops you’re wearing.

3. The Foot Loose Habit

Since flip-flops are not fastened by any straps or laces, they slip-off easily, so to avoid that, we habitually take smaller and slower steps when wearing them and crunch our toes in a way that they are sure to stay on our feet. This damaging habit can make our toes hammer up in the long terms and cause knee and hip aches.

4. You’d Scream “Blistering Barnacles”

Almost like the ‘thong’ of footwear, flip-flops are known to easily cause blisters between your toes eventually making it difficult to walk in anything. Likewise those blisters can burst into painful cuts and sores for all sorts of bacteria to attack and infect it from the open air.

5. Pressure On That Posture

Flip-flops are said to be horrid for your bone structure and your body’s overall posture because they do not support your spine at all. That is why those curved (not flat shoes) are your best bet. That’s because despite those annoying laces, at least they keep your joints healthy and posture upright.


Find What’s Fit For Your Feet!

Not wearing flip-flops anymore may feel like an impossible task but it may be best to wear closed-toe shoes as much as you can. That’s because closed-toe shoes are more stable as they will keep you from falling or injuring yourself easily, supportive so your body and posture are not inadvertently harmed, and of course they protect your feet from the dirt and dust of the ground you walk on.

However, if you want to remain loyal to your beloved flip-flops, here are the kinds of flip-flops that are best to wear.

For starters, purchase flip-flops that support your body, which means that the sole of the flip-flop is like that of a shoe with some shape, and doesn’t look flat. Moreover, the heel should have a little curve in it to take the shape of your heel and should not look like a hole. These ensure that you have maximum control of your footing and can avoid hurting yourself.