Do Not Be Afraid Of A Fitness Plateau | The Buzz

Hello, hello, Killer B!

It is Wednesday, and that means it is time for The Buzz, where we are talking about fitness mindset matters, because your fitness mindset totally matters!


Today we are chatting about fitness plateaus and discovering a new and different way of thinking about them. Check out the video or read the transcript below.

Do Not Be Afraid Of A Plateau | The Buzz – Fitness Mindset Matters


Have you ever had it happen where you find yourself having the same conversation about the same topic over and over with different people?

As a fitness trainer, of course there are certain topics I am inclined to talk about every day, but it always feels like a strange coincidence when a particular and specific idea keeps appearing.


Over the last few weeks, I had what felt like the same conversation with three or four people about hitting fitness plateaus, and it really struck me that I have a little bit of a different take on them then other trainers.

Lots of fitness professionals will advise you that a plateau is terrible and you should do what you can to push through – change your diet or your routine, track your calories or macros more diligently, increase your weights or recommit to total focus on your goals.


Fitness Plateaus Are Totally Frustrating!

Believe me, I get it, and I have been there myself. You have set a goal and you have been working toward it and it is all you can see or think about, but here you are, stuck on a plateau and not getting any closer to it!

And sometimes it feels like the more you are staring at that goal, the farther away it seems.


But What About This…

If this goal chasing thing was physical, like here in the real world, and you had been climbing up this hill for some time to get to it…would not you be really happy to get to a flat spot – a plateau – in the middle of that climb?

Of course you would! Climbing is hard, and it is nice to get a chance to catch your breath.


Fitness Plateaus Are A Signal From Your Body

The thing is, hitting a plateau in your weight loss or with your fitness or weight lifting goals are your body’s way of telling you it needs to catch its breath.

Your body can only make so many adaptations before it needs to take a break and regroup. You simply can not push all the time.


So, let yourself take this break and catch your breath while your body sorts itself out. Because, the fact is, if you have not reached your goal yet, there is still more hard work ahead of you!

And Sometimes Plateaus Are Telling You Something Else…

Here is the thing. Yes, you have set a goal, and yes, you have been working toward it, but your current habits might not be enough to get you there.

A plateau might instead be the upper level of what you are capable of right now. And this is really good news!

Because that means that what you are eating and the activities that you are doing can maintain your current strength and your current weight.

If you do not want to, you do not have to do more. You can totally enjoy being exactly where you are.

And was not that always the goal? To enjoy where you are?

I would love to hear what you think about fitness and weight loss plateaus! What are you struggling with right now and what is the message your body is sending you – are you catching your breath? Or ready to maintain the progress you have already made?