Diabetes: Busting Common Myths & Misconceptions.

Diabetes: Busting Common Myths & Misconceptions.

Diabetes is a Symptom not a Disease

Some of the most common misconceptions about Diabetes are :
1) a pancreas/insulin issue
2) once you have you never get rid of it
3) that it is caused by excess weight
4) a disease.
Unfortunately, these are only partial truths.

The diabetic profile of symptoms develops through a series of biological processes:
– The first part that can go astray is the gut; then the liver; then the adrenals; then the pancreas. If you simply attempt to manage the pancreas/insulin issue, you will never resolve the underlying issues along the way.
– Secondly, it is not just the sugars that are a problem. In addition, the artificial sugars and AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) can also be a huge issue. Processed sugar is toxic to both the body and the brain. Artificial sugars create the same toxicity. The brain, in particular, cannot detect the difference.

What are AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) ?

AGEs are  very toxic and cause a lot of damage. AGEs are formed when cooking and heat is applied to sugar and proteins or lipids.  AGEs are also formed

in the body when there is an excess of sugars. There are over a 100 different types of AGEs.

AGEs attach to cells in the gut; the arteries; and throughout the body. They cause cells to dysfunction, become carcinogenic or die. The body has little to no known capacity to eliminate them. Ultimately, they can cause the diabetic profile.

Lack of Nutrients in Diet:

Lack of various nutrients (from glutathione to minerals & vitamins, etc); and/or deficient microbiota; and/or heavy metal/environmental toxicity can also provoke a diabetic profile. For years we have been taught that excess weight causes diabetes but many studies, today, are showing that perhaps it is the diabetes that is causing the weight.

Ultimately, all these things typically result from a poor diet. If we work at eliminating what is harmful to the body and providing the body with what it requires…Whola…diabetes can be eliminated as opposed to managed.