Developing an Ayurvedic Awareness: Stop Throwing Away Seeds!

Developing an Ayurvedic Awareness Stop Throwing Away Seeds!
Developing an Ayurvedic Awareness Stop Throwing Away Seeds!

Developing an Ayurvedic Awareness

Stop throwing away seeds. You’re missing out on one of the most beautiful meditations in Ayurveda, a meditation on the force of life.

I’m Kailas, teacher and commentator on, where I say namaste and find your source. I’m going to teach you how to become far more intelligent, more strategic and more effective at developing an Ayurvedic awareness. The awareness that is at the heart of your Ayurvedic lifestyle.


It’s the little things we do in our Ayurvedic lifestyle that build a bridge of awareness to the source and force of life. It’s after all, the force of life from which all healing comes. So it doesn’t matter whether you wanna just rejuvenate to feel young again. Or whether you’ve come out of surgery, or whether you have some specific healing challenge that you wanna work on with Ayurveda. It’s actually the awareness of the force of life that is present. That is powerful. And that is healing.

Remember that it’s the force of our own ignorance which is like a wall that has to be broken down every single day in everything that we do, that keeps us from our relationship of awareness with the force of life.


So I’m going to teach you a little meditation that you can do in order to increase your Ayurvedic awareness, it’s very simple. Stop throwing away seeds.

Stop Throwing Away Seeds!

Ayurveda utilizes plant medicine. So we need to learn to honor the plant kingdom. I was throwing away the seeds from the fruit and vegetables I ate until one day I asked myself, what traditional culture just throws away the source of life? And the answer is, not a single one. So I stopped throwing away seeds, saving them instead and honoring the force and source of life.

In Ayurveda we represent the divine awareness of the plant kingdom’s power in medicine and in diet. And we worship the goddesses of plenty. These powerful goddesses provide and protect our awareness of the life force. Lakshmi is known as the golden goddess of the harvest, or Kanakadhara Lakshmi, the wheat mother. Durga, the goddess of vegetation, is clothed in leaves of green. With every meal, we honor the goddess Annapurna. Here represented feeding consciousness itself, Lord Shiva. Her name contains the word “Purnam”. Which is the central concept in the first verse of the Isavasya Upanishad. Which I’m going to share with you.


The Awareness of the Life Force is Central to Wisdom

Om, purnam adah. All that is abundance. Purnam idam. All this is abundance. Purnat purnam. Abundance from abundance. Udachyete. Explodes. Purnasya purnam adaya. Purnam eva vashishyete. Infinite abundance prevails. In Ayurveda we meditate on this completely inconceivable power. The seed, and the fruit. A complete whole, unbroken, and one, producing the other. Every produced by the other. And that’s the meditation of this verse. The meditation of the Upanishads and the meditation of Ayurveda are one. And that is our continuity, and that’s where we go back to when we build that Ayurvedic consciousness. Upon the Upanishadic And Vedantic consciousness.

It doesn’t matter where the seeds go. It’s the act of preserving them that brings into your awareness the conscience of the life force. So you can donate them to a community garden, back to the farmers, organic farms in your area, or you can save them for sometime when you’re gonna be able to plant those seeds yourself. The main thing is that this practice is a way for you to break down the walls of ignorance and to embrace the source of life and bring that source of life into your awareness.

I’m Kailas, teacher and commentator on, where I say namaste and find your source. Thank you for tuning in.