Need To Detox Your Life? Streamline Your Home By Clearing Your Mind

(Clutter adds to stress)

Is your home very messy with clothes, shoes, paperwork, and other unwanted stuff lying around? Do you have difficulty finding your keys or your phone because they seem to get lost in a heap of mess every time you put them down? And, are you constantly bothered by strings of unwanted emails and obligations you just don’t have time for? If yes, then you need to buckle up and start getting the things in your life in order. When your life is a mess, it takes a toll on you by preventing you from seeing and thinking clearly. If you have been planning on tidying up your home and mind for some time now, you should know that procrastination does not help. You have to start streamlining your life now by decluttering your mind and home and here are a few ways to do so.

Mindfulness: Declutter Your Mind

Stay True To Yourself

Doing things you enjoy gives you happiness

When you go about your daily activities, notice how you describe them. If you spend most of your day using phrases like “I have to,” “I must,” or “I should,” then it’s most like that these activities are getting you worked up and stressed. These phrases imply obligation. It is certain that you don’t want to do these activities but you are trying to please yourself or someone else by doing them. Instead, stay clear of obligations and do the things that give you pleasure and keep you motivated.

Know That You Have A Choice

Choosing what to do makes your life better)

You should be aware of the fact that you have a choice and that you don’t have to do the things that burden you. Even if there is little or no choice and you end up performing the same activities, you should keep in mind that it is for your benefit. Your attitude makes all the difference.

Keep Your Head Strong

Your attitude affects how you look at chores)

There is no point in blaming yourself or the world for the things you do on a daily basis. Once you find purpose in the things you do, you will start looking forward to each day without feeling pressured or stressed. The key is to focus on why you are doing something rather than the things that are involved.

Declutter Your Home

Learn To Distinguish Between Enough And Too Much

There is a difference between owning enough and owning too much)

Having a lot of material possessions may make you feel secure and happy but there is a difference between enough and too much. Try practicing minimalism as the less you own, the less you have to worry about. Too many things lying around adds to visual stress, making you feel anxious.

Know The Difference Between ‘Need’ And ‘Want’

(Things you don't need are wants)

When it comes to owning materialistic things, you have the notion that need is the same as want, but it is not. You need food, warmth, shelter, and companionship. Anything apart from these is a want. Even if you like to indulge in a bit of luxury, think if it is truly going to make you happy or is it going in the back of your closet after a few days. You also need to decide whether having the same things in different colors actually worth it. Most of the time, one is more than enough. You will feel a lot happier if you learn to enjoy the things you already have.

Learn To Let Go

Giving is as pleasurable as getting)

If you have not used something in the past 6 months, then it’s probable that you don’t need it. Instead of hoarding such things and cluttering your home, give them up to charity or your close friends or relatives who really need them. Once you learn to let go you will realize that giving often gives you the same feeling as getting.

Clean Out Your Space

Clearing your space clears your mind)

A clean, clutter-free space to yourself does wonders for your mental health. Start by clearing out your room and slowly move on to the other areas of your house. You will be surprised to discover the things you have forgotten and the things you don’t need. Decide what you want and give the rest away. By doing so regularly, you will invite peace and calm into your life.

Life is short and it is not worth spending it by holding on to things you don’t need. Getting rid of excess will make your life much easier and smoother. If your work is adding to your stress, you can sort it the same way you sort your mind and home. Clear your workspace and arrange your schedule. If you feel you have too much to do, be assertive and have the courage to say no. You will feel less tired and will be able to focus on the important things in life when your mind is cluttered, preoccupied and tense.