Decorating Tips For A Stress-Free Home

Home is supposed to be a safe haven – a place where we all expect to relax. But the busy schedule we have today has made even our home a stressful zone. It is very important to keep our home immune from the strains and worries of our everyday life. If you think it’s difficult to maintain a stress-free home, here are a few decorating tips for you.

1. Make The Entryway Attractive


As you enter the home after a tiring day, what welcomes you? Stacks of mails, piles of newspapers, keys, or reminders of tasks left undone? Have you ever imagined seeing your favorite painting or a beautiful photo as you enter your home? We know the very thought brings a smile to your face. The first thing you see when you enter the room makes a huge difference. If you enter a room full of chaos, then it reminds you of the never-ending household chores waiting for you. Assign a place

for newspapers, mail, keys, and other things, which you dump right after you walk through the door.

2. Make Your Room Spacious


Tight living conditions can make your life more stressful. Even researchers have agreed that it may invite psychological problems. It doesn’t mean that you need to move to a bigger place. Instead, make your small bedroom a bit spacious by rearranging stuff there. Cut down the clutter. Grab those unnecessary things in your room and shift it to some other room. In your bedroom, you should be happy with your mattress and a few accessories that you love.

3. Use Simple Designs


What can a few gallons of paint do to your room? Well, it has a magical effect. When your walls wear simple colors, it will have a relaxing impact on you. Use light colors for cramped quarters. The shades of blue, green,

and other neutral earth tones will have a soothing effect. It’s better to stay away from sophisticated designs. Also, make way for natural light to enter your room. Let in as much sunlight as possible. This is the most effective, inexpensive, positive energy you could ask for.

4. Keep Houseplants


Incorporate more nature into your rooms. The presence of plants can make dramatic changes to the appearance and feel of your room. In fact more than just adding greenery in your space, it can enhance the quality of your life. Seeing a plant growing with vigor can bring peace and calm.

5. Take The Technology Out Of Your Room


What are the things you don’t need when you sleep? A smartphone, a television and all other gadgets. These are the things that keep you up, thus, denying you a good night’s sleep. Keep these tech gadgets

out of your room when you sleep. Do not arrange a special space for gadgets in your bedroom. This will make it difficult for you to develop a habit of a gadget-free night.

6. Throw Away Old Stuff


Cluttered space can majorly stress you out. Look around your house. Magazines, old product boxes, extra mugs, jewelry you don’t wear, DVDs you don’t watch – a long list of unnecessary and unwanted things can be made in a short span of time. These things keep your home messier than you’d like it to be. It is a tough task to declutter. Agreed. Take baby steps. Spend some time every week to throw away all those things that made their way into the list.

7. Set A Happy Zone


We are sure you will love this. Find a spot for you in your home, which can be a comfort

zone. A happy place to rely on when you want to take a break. Personalize this place for you. When you feel like escaping for a few moments, come here and chill.