4 Effective Ways To Declutter Your Mind

You mind deserves a break.

Our mind is as important as our body, if not more sometimes. A peaceful mind is really hard to come by though, because we are constantly filling it up with all sorts of information. The to-do lists, the worries, the regrets , the apprehensions and all sorts of thoughts fill our mind up to the brim, which leaves it functioning at sub-optimal levels. The anxiety, stress and exhaustion that comes with this type of overcrowding can sometimes be too much to hand. Our mind is cluttered, and we can’t always control what we put in it. However, at one point of time, we need to take control of our thoughts and mind, and begin to declutter the mess. Though it might take some time, it can help your mind to achieve more peace and calm in the long run. Here are some simple things you can start doing right now:

1. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking can make us less efficient

Our culture celebrates those who can multitask. Therefore,

most of us think that multitasking means we are achieving something and are being extra proficient at our work. Multitasking actually tends to slow us down because as we keep switching between tasks, we end up using more mental energy to focus on each new task. Along with this, we also tend to multi task between using our phones and being on social media as we work our jobs, and this actually ends up affecting the quality of our work. Make sure to focus on one task, finish it and then switch to another.

2. Write It Down

Writing can help us sift through our thoughts

Writing is an excellent way to detox your mind and sort out your emotional state of mind. It is inexpensive, and often, we might not even know what we are feeling until we are writing. As with any art form, it gives you a non judgmental space to put everything going through our mind, and as you do

it over a period of time, you can also see certain themes and worries recurring. This can help you to pin point and prioritize your problems. However, remember to write down the good things too! Gratitude can be a powerful tool to eliminate depression and anxiety while elevating your mood and bringing in a pleasant mental disposition in the long run.

3. Don’t Be Everything

We can't be perfect in every aspect of our lives

All of us want to have it all, and then try to have it all but it never works out that way. We end up feeling like we are prisoners in our mind because we want to be the best at work, we want to be the best parent, best partner, all while we try to maintain a healthy social life. We can never be perfect in every aspect of our life, and we need to stop trying. You need to make yourself a priority first, and this means

improve your mental and physical well being before you take on the rest of the world. This will help you prioritize what you want to achieve, which give you better direction.

4. Do Nothing

Sometimes, it's essential that we do absolutely nothing

All of us need certain days where we do absolutely nothing. This means that all electronic devices are put away, no T.V watching, no work, and certainly no chores. This quiet time we get for ourselves can be a great way to calm our mind. There are various distractions that come from our electronic devices, and it can be surprising how much of our thoughts are dominated by what we see on social media. Staying away from work reduces a huge chunk of stress, as does staying away from chores. When we have no obligations, we can recover from a lot of backed up tension and make more time for self-care.