5 Dangers Of Plastic And A Few Healthier Alternatives

Plastic has become omnipresent in our lives. From chocolate wrappers to aircraft, plastic is dominating all the materialistic realms in our lives. It was invented to make our lives easy. It has served its purpose well till now. Plastic became the invention of the century because of its resilience. Unfortunately, its resilience is what is making it one of the biggest threats to our environment. Apart from that, the toxicity associated with plastic has become a huge health hazard for humans and animals alike.

Plastic- Physiology And More


Plastic is a polymer made up of organic monomers. It has high molecular mass. Plastic contains other materials as well, which are often derived out of petrochemicals. Plastics are widely used as they are easy to manufacture, cost effective, water proof and versatile in their functionality. The usability of plastic is diverse. Manufacturers customize their plastics by adding different kinds of additives like anti-microbial agents, lubricants, colorants etc. to produce desired end products.

5 Dangers Of Plastic You
Should Know About

1. An Eminent Threat To Wildlife

Threat to wildlife

It is not a secret that wildlife is greatly threatened by the presence of plastic in nature. Whether its a bird choking on a plastic cap of a bottle or a cow with bloated stomach due to ingestion of pounds of plastics. All these things go on to prove how hazardous plastic can be for animals. Owing to our intellect, we know the dangers of plastic but animals don’t. Unfortunately, discarded plastic is increasing damaging the quality of the marine and aerial lives.

2. Energy Consumption

Depleting resources

Plastic is produced using oil and its residues. Oil is a degradable resource of our planet. So, wasting this precious resource to produce more of harmful and life-threatening things is nothing but a reckless act of our species. We should be using our resources more efficiently to come

up with better alternatives. And instead of creating more of this monstrosity, we should be conserving our resources better.

3. Ground Water Contamination

 Groundwater contamination

We all like to believe in the fantasy of garbage disposal being an efficient way of discarding plastics. Land-filling is a big go-to method of garbage disposal. We might think that burying plastic deep inside the earth can solve our problems. Unfortunately, that is not at all helpful. Plastics which are buried inside the earth are reaching our ground water. It is contaminating our sources of potable water. EPA monitors the toxicity level of our ground water to safeguard us. But land-filling is only going to increase the toxicity eventually. So, the only way we can stop this is by reducing our landfills.

4. Plastic Is Contaminating Our Food

 Contamination of food

Microwaving our foods in plastic containers is a common

practice. We all do it to save us time and labor. Whether you are using BPA-free containers or not, heating plastics at a high temperature can leach chemicals from the container into your foods. We can reduce that by heating our food in glass vessels and washing them at a moderate temperature. But plastic do tend to leach chemicals with time.

5. Fertility Issues

Fertility issues

Plastic can mimic sex hormones and can create reproductive issues in both men and women. So, it is important to say bye to plastic for good health.

Healthy Alternatives To Plastic

Healthier Alternatives

You can opt for materials other than plastic for good health. You can switch to metals like steel, aluminum or glass containers instead of plastic for storing food. Stainless steel bottles are a healthier option for containing water. Using silicone straws can save you from plastic exposure a bit. You can

opt for metal lunch boxes instead of plastic ones to carry your food.

Also, you can detox your bodies from plastic toxicity by drinking a lot of water, eating more leafy vegetables, garlic and more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc.

So, don’t wait for something bad to happen before you decide to make a change. Do it today and prevent the bad from happening.