Daddy And Baby : 5 Tips on Bonding and 3 Ways Mommy Can Encourage The Duo

Even if you’re a first-time Mommy, there is an undeniable intuitive connection that you and your baby share from the very beginning. You and your baby are completely dependent on each other and the both of you will be soothed just by the energy, heartbeat, voice and scent of the other.


With Daddy, it may not be the same sort of bond at the get go and in most cases, it happens over time. The intense attachment a Dad feels with a baby happens when they start to take care of the baby’s basic needs and provide the little one with a whole lot of physical contact along with indulging in special moments.

Here are 5 tips on how a father can start working on the bond with his baby:

  1. It can be a little tricky to soothe a crying baby, even tempting enough to hand the munchkin over to Mom. Make an effort to calm the little one by singing to him, walking
    him around, giving him a pacifier or even by gently rocking him. Your baby must learn that Mom isn’t the solution to every situation.
  2. Indulge in skin-to-skin cuddle time or even try a baby massage. Human touch will be soothing for both parties involved, so hold you baby close to you and take in the moment. Try a massage when your baby is quiet or in a good mood and take 10-15 minutes to gently rub the legs, belly, neck and arms. Babies respond to touch and this will help them relax.
  3. Hold a conversation, read or sing to your baby. Maintain eye contact and take your face up close so your baby can focus on your face. Goof around by making funny faces, mirror the baby’s movement, and echo his coos and other vocalizations. Watch as your baby’s face glows with a smile and take it from there.
  4. Newborns can enjoy playtime as much as older babies so make sure you play with her everyday. Make it a routine, so she expects Daddy to spend time with her and the two of
    you can have your own little games and playing style in comparison to Mommy and baby play-time.
  5. Carry your baby in a sling or front carrier to go on walks, run errands or even while doing chores. There’s nothing more exciting for a Mommy than watching her man and baby do things together.

As for you, Mommy, if you’re concerned about your partner not bonding enough with your new baby, try to give them time on their own. Your partner may not do everything exactly the way you do and that’s okay. He will find his way eventually and until then, support him and show him some appreciation.

Here are 3 things you can do to encourage Daddy to be actively involved in early parenting and bonding with your baby:

  1. Give Daddy a job he needs to perform like a ritual. He can help burp the baby after a feed so you can rest, take on diaper duty once he back home from work, or he can be the one to bathe the baby before bedtime.
  2. Your partner likes to feel wanted and needed
    so don’t disregard any efforts he is making to help you care for your baby. In fact, with a little constructive criticism and reassurance that he is learning quickly, Daddy will make a great support system for you and the little one when either one of you is feeling down.
  3. Find reasons to leave Daddy alone with the baby, it may be scary the first time around, but he will learn to do things in his own way. He will make sure to get things done and please you as well. It is essential that Dad knows you trust him to be responsible and for you to free yourself of Mommy-time.