Cure Sleep Disorders With Magical Herb Tagara.

Cure Sleep Disorders With Magical Herb Tagara.
Cure Sleep Disorders With Magical Herb Tagara.

Stress induced Insomnia:

Today a great deal of people suffer from insomnia. If you too have tired counting sheep but failed to lull yourself to sleep, then you know what we mean. Struggling with sleep disorders is a common problem among people these days. Stress, worries, caffeine, diet, medicine, jet lag, some unhealthy habits and other factors result in tossing and turning at night. How can you cope with this problem? There are a lot of methods but here we’re going to focus on Himalaya’s Herb Tagara. What is Tagara and is it helpful against insomnia? We’re going to find out below.

What is Tagara?

Tagara is a herb, which has numerous properties and is very effective against insomnia. This plant is used in a number of medicine products. It is a natural remedy, indigenous to India, also known as Indian Valeria. Two parts of the plant are used to heal a number of health disorders: its rhizomes and roots. They both contain essential oils and valepotriates and are very aromatic. Furthermore, Tagara also has alkaloids, lignans, monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids and other hard-to-pronounce substances, which have a good effect on living organisms.


Tagara is generally recognised as natural medicine and is used on a global scale. It is manufactured by Himalaya. In recent times, the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has listed Tagara in their ‘Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)’ list, while the German Commission E has approved its use as a mild sedative. Tagara is popular in North America, Europe and Japan and is widely used to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Properties of Tagara from Himalaya:

• Improves sleep (due to its sedative properties)
• Reduces stress
• Helps to calm nerves and reduce anxiety
• Very effective against nervous disorders
• Reduces spasms


How Does Tagara Help Against Sleep Disorders?

An active compound in this plant, called six-methylapigenin, helps to block nerve impulse, which causes sleep disorders. To put it another way, Tagara is capable of depressing our central nervous system, hence its sedative effect on our bodies. Coping with nervine disorders is the main reason that Tagara is so powerful against insomnia.

Apart from this, this plant has antidepressant properties and helps treat all sorts of disorders which have to do with everyday stress.
Currently, no side effects have been reported to occur while using Himalaya’s Tagara herb. Himalaya’s Tagara comes in the form of capsules. Daily recommended dose is two capsules a day, taken one at a time after meals. Every tablet contains 250 mg of the herb. Each pack contains 240 capsules, each bottle – 60 capsules. They are not recommended for children under 14.


Even though this herb is totally harmless and very healthy, it is strongly recommended you consult your health care provider before you start using it to combat sleep disorders.

What Are The Most Common Factors For Sleep Disorders?

Unless you’re genetically predisposed, there are many other factors that may trigger sleep disorders. They are different for every individual. For example, you may not be able to get a wink of sleep if it’s too noisy in the room but your spouse may feel perfectly undisturbed by it. In other words, what disturbs your good night sleep may not be an issue for somebody else, and vice versa. Yet, some of the most common factors are related to poor sleep environment, mood disorders and stress.


It is not surprising that stress is one of the reasons why you are not able to fall asleep. When you are worried about something or going through hardships, it is very likely that you lose sleep. Divorce, breakup, loss of a job, death and other major events in life can lead to insomnia. Depression is another factor. Other factors include: alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, some medications, lifestyle and others.

In addition to this, there are several types of sleep disorders: narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome and insomnia, the latter being the most common of all. We’re not going to get into details about them, we’re just letting you know you should consult a specialist to find out the kind of problem you have. But the good news is, the herb Tagara is claimed to work against any type of sleep disorder, whether long- or short-term. Which is why it is recommended to cure difficult sleeping.



Pheeby Snow writes for PT Maintenance Clapham