4 Crystals Used By Celebs That Can Bring Positivity To Your Life

Crystals and their ability to heal has become a new way of enhancing the quality of life among people. Crystals have a unique energy that they have trapped in them and that energy vibrates through them. Those vibrations are powerful and can influence the vibrations of everything that surrounds them. Humans are made up of flesh and blood but every cell in our bodies are made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles. And vibration is what exist and influence at this level. Good and high vibrations create good effects in us and low vibrations make us exhausted and tired.

We live in an unpredictable world in which we are constantly coming across people with various kinds of vibrations. Some positive and some can be negative. Every person or even a thing that we come in contact with can affect our vibrations. So, it can become difficult for energy-sensitive people to keep their vibrations up all the time. That’s why people have started using crystals to balance their vibrations and fill themselves up with positive energy.

Crystals are formed naturally inside the earth with years of trapped energy and vibrations in them which can be both powerful as well as healing. The vibrations from these crystals can affect everything around. Even in earlier days, kings would use their power to accumulate crystals and gems. It was because of two reasons. One reason being that these stones symbolized wealth and riches in a materialistic sense. And another was that these stones are capable of having a raw effect on a person’s body, mind and soul.

Many celebrities have become ardent believers in the power of crystal energy. And many of these celebrities use them to keep up with their stressful lives. Most of the crystals serve a specific purpose. People need to introspect inside them to know what they need and then choose their crystals carefully. Here is a list of gems that celebrities swear by.

1. Jasper

Supermodel turned actress Cara Delevingne is a big believer of the crystal energy and its power of healing. According to media surmise, Cara likes to splurge on holistic crystals over fancy shoes. Her choice of crystal is jasper. Jasper is a gorgeous reddish-brown stone that is also known as the ‘makeup stone’. This crystal is known for enhancing and maintaining beauty, both inside and out. It can enhance endurance level and stamina to maintain both internal and external beauty of an individual. This stone can provide a grounding effect to an individual. Security and stability is what this stone can provide.

2. Citrine

Adele is another celebrity who swears by the power of crystals. She discovered the power of crystals after her mother gifted her some. After losing her favorite gem during one of her Grammy performances, Adele now never steps on a stage without her choice of crystal, citrine. This yellow stone is famously known as the success stone. This stone apparently helps in bringing clarity and focus to an individual. This is a gem that can also bring good fortune.

3. Jade

Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity who is known for her unique lifestyle choices. She is a huge believer in crystals and their energies. She has admitted to have done extensive studies on various crystals. She is a user of the crystal jade. Jade is beautiful green stone that is known for its ability to heal and protect. It is known for bringing balance and harmony.

4. Tourmaline

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is also known for her love for crystals. She is such a big believer that she apparently carry around one everywhere she goes for protection. Her choice of crystal is tourmaline. This beautiful black crystal has a very strong ability to absorb bad energies from its surrounding. It is believed that this stone can protect the surroundings from bad vibes.

So, look into yourself to find out your choice of crystal today.