Which Crystals Should You Choose According To Your Personality?

There are crystals that resonate with our zodiac signs and correspond to our relationships, but you will be happy to know that there are crystals that echo our personalities as well. There are certain stones that can support us in whatever mood we may be. For instance, if we are in a grumpy mood on a Monday, we might be in a happy, sociable mood on a Friday. To help you with these mood swings, you can take help of certain crystals and develop better as a person. Take a look at different crystals and learn how to use them.

1. People-Pleasers: Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, And Turquoise


If you are one of those who finds it completely impossible to say “No” and is absolutely against the idea of letting someone down, you the people-pleasing kind of a person. This results in you finding yourself doing things you don’t want to and you tend to live with certain regrets as well. If you are one of these people-pleasers who do things because the term “No” does not show up in your dictionary and you often bite your tongue finding yourself in unpleasant situations because of this habit of yours, it is high time you get into the “No Bullshit” zone. To be honest with your feelings, take help of crystals such as amazonite, lapis lazuli, or turquoise. Wear them as necklaces so that they keep reminding you that you have enough courage to be honest about how you feel and help you speak the truth, even if sounds a tad bit bitter for the other person.

2. Skeptic Humans: Obsidian And Onyx

You will be pleased to know that crystals especially exist for skeptic people too. If you are very much set back by your skepticism and you are of the kind who declines opportunities out of fear or nervousness, it’s time to figure out which crystal can help you. The obsidian and onyx helps in soaking up the dark, negative energy with their dark color. These crystals cleanse bad vibes, removes negativity, and remove hurting thoughts and bad behavior from a person’s life. With all these bad vibes gone, your skepticism will reduce and you will be better in your attitude towards people.

3. Witty Socialites: Citrine And Tiger’s-Eye

If you are one of those beings who are so sociable in nature that they often forget to give time to themselves, it’s time to take help of a crystal. You might be regretting now that you called your friends home when you needed some space for yourself or went to that party which you were not interested in but landed in it out of boredom, so, here is the citrine and the tiger’s-eye to help you. While citrine helps you focus and bring extra concentration, bring positivity, attract success and abundance, tiger’s-eye brings focus as well as insight to ensure that you are focusing on yourself as well as on others.

4 . Eccentric And Expressive Beings: Amethyst And Rose Quartz

Amethyst and rose quartz boosts the artistic and imaginative side of an expressive person

Do emotions lead you? If you are one of those whose emotions are the leading factors and you are always passionate about what you do and prefer to surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you, a loving crystal will help you stay beautiful and vibrant with creative energy. Gemstones like amethyst supports vision, dreams, and intuition, and rose quartz helps in nourishing the heart. Rose quartz supports those who have an artistic and imaginative mind as well. Nourish your expressive being with amethyst and rose quartz and always feel good about yourself.

5. Workaholics Who Need A Break: Blue Lace Agate And Clear Quartz

Does your work sum up your life? Are you so addicted to your work that you have started becoming intolerant of other things and now, you are craving only to take a break and relax at home? Know that it is perfectly fine to give yourself some love and rest. You need to rejuvenate with the caregiver’s stone, the blue lace agate, so that the space around you harmonizes. A clear quartz will cleanse your being and with its cleansing energy; it will clear out all those things that serve no purpose in your life anymore. These crystals, the blue lace agate and the clear quartz, will together remind you from time to time to recharge your body and mind with enough rest and relaxation.

Let these beautiful crystals help you bring focus and positivity in life, and make you a good and pleasant person.