7 Crystals That Give An Energetic Makeover For Your Home

how to use crystals for home protection

When the body isn’t in the peak of health, signs of distress crop up. Often stagnant life force and lack of free-flowing energy are the reasons why illnesses arise. Similarly, our abodes are also energetic centers that can be cluttered with negative energy if not paid attention to. This creates a tense environment in the house that manifests as domestic fights, chaos and lack of peace in the family.

Crystals have the ability to enliven an environment by infusing new and positive energy. This is applicable to people who wear them as well the environments they are placed in.


Crystals That Energetically Transform Your House

Before you adopt the practice of placing crystals in specific areas in your house, make sure that a few things are in check. Clean the house and allow free flow of air and sunlight into each room. Keep your stove tops, kitchen sinks and bath tubs spick and span for maximum effectiveness. Following are the crystals for each room.

1. Citrine For The Study

benefits of citrine crystal


The citrine should be placed in the room where you carry out most of the activities regarding your goals. Being a stone of the third chakra, it has the power to boost the flow of creativity, wealth, and prosperity. If you are a doer, the invigorating presence of citrine can help in realizing your vision with confidence. Place the piece of citrine on top of a pile of few currency notes in your study for best results.

2. Rose Quartz For The Bedroom

benefits of rose quartz


For all kinds of love to develop and flourish, rose quartz is the unanimous choice. The presence of rose quartz is naturally soothing to the eyes due to its soft rose hue. A family should be surplus with unconditional love and solidarity. Place rose quartz near your bed or on the dining table for nourishing energy of love to flow freely among family members.

3. Celestite For The Kitchen

benefits of keeping celestite in the kitchen


The kitchen is the region of creation in any household. Therefore, it should be free from any energy blocks that could harm the bliss of the home. Placing a beautiful blue celestite in the kitchen is a great way to raise the vibration of the space. Its subtle yet intense positive vibrations enhance the vibrations of health and well-being in the family.

4. Tiger’s Eye For The Kids’ Room

benefits of tiger's eye for kids


Any home with a child is filled with bliss and fun. However, if your kids are a having issues with attention in school work and sleep issues, a tiger’s eye can work wonders for them. This gentle, luminescent stone helps to calm mind chatter in kids, remove negative energy and overactive vibes. Kids become more focussed in studies and are also able to catch a good night’s rest in its presence.

5. Quartz For The Garden

benefits of keeping quartz crystal in the house


The crystal of the seventh chakra stone, quartz is also known as the master crystal. Place it in an area like your balcony, garden or prayer room where you are most likely to sit and meditate. It helps to quell negative thoughts, increase psychic abilities and raise your vibrations while meditating.

6. Amethyst For The Bathroom

amethyst crystal in the bath


After a hard day’s work, a refreshing bath can help you get rid of all the worries of the day. That’s when placing an amethyst in your bath is most needed. It has the ability to heal the mind and body. It’s a very fetching and high-vibrational crystal that can increase your psychic powers. It prevents overthinking and is a great aid to practice mindful meditation while bathing.

7. Black Tourmaline At The Entrance

protection using black tourmaline crystal

Not all who enter our homes and lives have the best intentions for us. Sometimes, we become quite vulnerable to negative thinking and suffer the mental and physical consequences of it. Black Tourmaline is one of the few stones that have the specific ability to protect your home and its members from unwanted energies. It doesn’t need charging and all you need to do is place it in front of the main door.1

Place these wonderful crystals in your home and allow their innate magic to transform your home into an abode of bliss, peace, and prosperity.2