6 Creative Ways To Share Yoga With Children

Creative Ways To Share Yoga With Children

Kids have tons of energy. If you want to teach them yoga, it’s extremely important that you channelize this energy in the right manner and keep them active. The best way to do that is to teach them creatively — make them learn using their imagination. Using art to teach poses to kids makes the poses come alive in relatable ways and engages their brains. This, in turn, builds their decision-making skills, self-esteem, and independent thinking.

Here are 6 creative ways you can help kids learn yoga.

6 Ways To Creatively Teach Kids Yoga

1. Yoga Story

 Yoga Stories Help Enhance Kids’ Creativity

Ask each child to tell a story with yoga animal poses in it. An alternative of this is having each of them continue the story of the one before them, with each kid adding a new pose to the story. Every time a new pose is mentioned, everyone in the group takes the pose. The kids could also stay in the pose

till a new pose is mentioned.

2. Yoga Pictionary

Kids Can Learn Yoga Poses With Yoga Pictionary

This is a variant of the regular Pictionary and is meant to be played with teams of two or more members. Write the names of yoga poses on pieces of paper, making cards. The first team chooses one of the members to pick a card; this person draws hints without drawing the actual pose. Set the timer to 1 minute before this team member starts drawing. The other members try to guess the name of the pose before time runs out. Give points if the team guesses the name of the pose correctly. Each team takes turns and the game continues for as long as you want it to.

3. Yoga Song Or Rhyme

Yoga Songs Or Rhymes Help Kids Remember Difficult Poses

Music is a great way to bring ideas and

people together. Help the kids put together a line each indicating the steps of a yoga pose. Once the pose is complete, you can add a tune familiar to the kids and sing these lines with them like a song or a rhyme. This technique works great for difficult poses because it helps kids remember them.

4. Musical Mats

A Game Of Musical Mats Can Help Kids Learn Yoga

This is a variant of the popular game musical chair. It works best when you have large groups of young children. Lay out mats for the kids — one less than the number of kids — in a circle. Place index cards of yoga poses on each mat. Play a fun song, and make the kids dance around the mats. When the music stops, the kids take the pose on the index card of the mat they land on. The kid that doesn’t land on a mat is out and can control the music for

the next round. The kids who are out can take turns controlling the music.

5. Yoga Twister

Yoga Twister Increases Creativity With Traditional Poses

Once you have taught the kids some basic yoga poses, call out body parts that must touch their mats and get the kids to take the poses that match your request. For example, you could ask them to take a pose with 2 hands and 2 feet on the mat; they might possibly take the downward facing dog, plank, or table pose. They might even invent their own pose. The advantage of this game is that it helps the kids think independently and enhances their creativity with the traditional yoga poses.

6. Chants To Boost Self-Esteem

Chanting Admired Qualities While Meditating Boosts Self-Esteem

This works quite well with young kids. Make the kids lie down on mats. Ask them to take deep breaths and think

of a quality they find admirable, suggesting a few like smart, funny, and kind. Then, make them say “I am ___,” inserting whatever quality they admire. Encourage them to start and end their day with this mantra, changing the quality every day. This game is a simple way of teaching them meditation while boosting their morale.

Try these creative, fun ways of teaching yoga to kids. They’re sure to learn how to do the poses correctly while having a great time.