5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Greens Into Your Diet

(Most of us face trouble meeting the daily requirement of green veggies in our diet.)

Most of us around the world are born in the midst of this health and wellness age where pursuing the mind-body-green is like a challenge we are always trying to achieve. With health concerns rising each day, we are always trying to incorporate healthy habits in our way of life, by eating a healthy diet, working out, and sleeping well.

Most of us know that the healthy, green vegetables provide us with enough nutrients and are excellent low-calorie sources of nutrition. They are fully packed with a myriad of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even water. But most of us face trouble meeting the daily requirement of green vegetables in our diet. We tend to get bored with salads and start hating the sight of spinach, broccoli, and such others after having them continuously for a long period of time. Read on to find out what can be done in such situations.


There’s A Way Out Of Salads

(Salads are not the only way you can incorporate greens in your diet.

You will be happy to hear that salads are not the only option available to meet the daily required quantity of greens in your diet. Think out of the box and try going creative with those dark, leafy greens and green vegetables. Spinach, kale, lettuce, and broccoli are already quite popular, but there are some greens you are less familiar with and can help you reap a lot of benefits from them as well. For example, go for mustard greens, look out for artichokes, try out watercress, feed yourself a bowl of Brussels sprouts, have green bell peppers, and cook some dandelion greens.


Ways To Add Greens Creatively

1. Make Smoothies

Smoothies can completely mask the taste of any green vegetable

A popular and convenient option to increase the intake of greens in your diet, smoothies can completely mask the taste of any green vegetable. If you do not like the taste of vegetables, this can be an amazing way to have them all. Make a glass of spinach smoothie and combine it with fruits like berries or bananas. Because of the neutral taste of spinach, you will get more taste from the added fruits and also, meet your daily green requirements.


2. Have Vegetable Soup

Add green vegetables to your soup

Be it those beans or lentils, just do not forget to add them in your soup. While kale is an amazing addition to white bean soup, you can add it to your noodle soup as well. Garnish the bowl of soup with enough microgreens as well. Such an amazing idea to increase the intake of greens, ain’t it?


3. Add Those Greens To Your Sauce

Add greens to your tomato sauce or homemade pesto

Not just a few leaves of basil, add some more greens to your tomato sauce or homemade pesto, and get that kick of extra green. Get baby kale or some microgreens, put them in the food processor and add the green puree to your sauces. You will surely get a good boost of some greens in your diet.


4. Prepare A Vegetable Dip

A dip made of yogurt, spinach, and artichokes will fulfill your green requirements.)

If you are looking to make the perfectly healthy dip for your chicken lollipop, crispy nachos or garlic bread, it’s time to go creative with the dips. Let them not just be a cheesy or a tomato-based dip; go green with dips. Bring home some Greek yogurt, artichokes, and spinach. A dip made of these three ingredients will not only please your friends and family, but also fulfill your green requirements to some extent.


5. Go For Green Chips

Try having green chips such as kale chips or sliced green vegetable chips.)

Well, it may sound weird but you can actually try having some green chips. All you need to do is dehydrate thin slices of green vegetables, or if you don’t have a dehydrator, bake them in the oven until they are crispy enough. You may add some nutritional yeast to the chips or add a green, cheesy dip for healthy fats and protein, along with another boost of greens. This is a fun idea and also, a delicious way to meet the everyday requirement of green vegetables.