Your Crash Diet May Lead To Weight Gain! Do This Instead!

You want to lose weight and you want to lose it now. And why not take the quickest route possible to get the results you want?  You tell yourself that the crash diet is just the beginning.

You know you aren’t going to eat like this FOREVER. You’ll just do it long enough to lose a little weight. And from that point, you’ll start eating healthier.


The problem is that even though people lose quick weight on crash diets, these diets rarely result in long-term weight loss. And the reasoning behind this comes down to more than willpower. Listen closely, because understanding this will save you both time and energy and is key to actually losing weight for good.

Why Your Crash Diet Will Result In Weight Gain

Health Factor

Does what you’re doing really sound healthy? If it doesn’t, your body will immediately feel the strain, leading to a state of inflammation. This isn’t a type of inflammation you can see from the outside. It is completely internal. And this is problematic because inflammation increases your chances of eventual weight gain.


Inflammatory markers are instrumental to slowing metabolism. They directly communicate with the mechanism responsible for storing fat and fast-forward the body into fat storing mode.

Missing Fiber

Are you including vegetables in your diet? Many crash diets exclude or limit carbohydrates including healthy vegetables. This is a formula for long-term weight gain!


Without good amounts of fiber, the digestive system stalls. And this will slow down the elimination process. Toxins that should have been quickly eliminated will seep back into the digestive track and enter the bloodstream. And this means more inflammation which will eventually lead to fat storage. Additionally, while you can burn fat (ketones) for energy, the brain and the cells of the body use carbohydrates as their preferred source of energy.

Depriving the body of needed fuel slows down your internal system setting you up for long-term weight gain.


Starvation Mode

Are you greatly restricting calories? It’s tempting to crash diet by greatly restrict calories. But, there is a physical, hormonal response that occurs during a very low-calorie diet that puts you at high risk for weight regain.

The hormone ghrelin is responsible for signals of hunger. The more that calories are restricted, the higher the levels of ghrelin in the body. You may be able to exert willpower over the effects of high ghrelin for a couple of weeks, or maybe even a couple of months with determination.


As the ghrelin levels increase, your body will eventually COMMAND you to eat!  And a side-effect of high levels of ghrelin is that your body goes into fat storing mode. So, when you do start eating again, you’ll pack on the pounds more quickly than before your crash diet.

Pill Popping

Are you taking high-dose pills? There are certain nutrients that have been found to be somewhat helpful with weight loss when consumed in their natural state. Manufacturers take advantage of this by selling concentrated formulas with everything from green tea extract to Garcinia Cambogia.


But, high doses of something good in small amounts can actually become damaging in high doses. Not to mention that most pills offer a synthetic version of what is found in nature. Studies show that synthetic nutrients are not the same as those found in nature.

And the body can have difficulty identifying or  processing high doses of anything synthetic. While these supplements may provide some initial temporary weight loss, the end result will be internal inflammation resulting in eventual weight gain (or worse.)


The Best Way To Lose Weight

But, then what’s the answer? The quest for long-term successful weight loss can be a frustrating and disappointing endeavor. Go back to the first point I mentioned.

Before starting a new diet, ask yourself if the diet sounds healthy. Because if it doesn’t, your body will have a negative internal response. And while you may look better for a few weeks, the damage will eventually catch up to your outside as well.

My approach is to cease calorie counting and focus on the quality of the food you’re eating. This means eating as much as you want of good quality protein, good quality fats, the RIGHT carbohydrates and limiting sugar. This is good for your body and helps you feel satisfied and nourished while losing weight.

Crash diets almost never work. And now that you know this, make sure to share this post with anyone you feel needs some assistance losing weight THE RIGHT WAY!